2018 Global Chief Audit Executive Survey

The Nordic Perspective

Deloitte’s 2018 Global Chief Audit Executive Survey, provides insights on the current and near-term challenges facing the Internal Audit function. The new report represents feedback from more than 1,100 Internal Audit leaders across 40 countries and a wide range of industries and points to insights and ideas that Internal Audit functions can consider to help meet their organizations’ needs, now and in the future. This time we have a special focus on Nordic Internal Audit functions.

Nordic report highlights

In addition to global results, this time we wanted to especially focus on Nordic Internal Audit functions and analyse what are the key priorities and challenges they have identified when considering the future of internal audit.  The survey results provide also great insights and opportunities for finding new ways to innovate and enhance impact of the Internal Audit function.

Current views and future expectations: Both globally and on the Nordic level approximately 40% of respondents believe their functions have strong impact and influence within their organization.

Specific plans and strategic priorities: Implementing analytics was seen as key strategic priority both globally and on the Nordic level, and analytics expertise were cited as one of the key competencies that are most sought out in the Nordics.

Challenges to address: Worryingly, about half of Internal Audit functions are not conducting cyber risk assessments both at Nordic and global level.

Read the Nordic point-of-view report.

The nordic perspective: 2018 Chief Audit Executive Survey

Global report key findings

  • Internal Audit’s impact and influence are stronger – but awareness and views of the function across the organization still need to improve.
  • Key challenges facing Internal Audit include a shortage of skills, while analytics is the highest priority.
  • Internal Audit innovation is linked to stronger impact and influence.
  • Resourcing models are evolving – but must evolve faster.
  • Advanced analytics is seeing greater adoption.
  • Agile practices are gaining momentum.

Read the highlights of the 2018 Global Chief Audit Executive Survey and download the global report. The innovation imperative: Forging Internal Audit’s path to greater impact and influence.

2018 Global Chief Audit Executive Survey
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