Private Equity checklist to the COVID-19 outbreak

An actionable checklist of questions for PE Houses to ask their portfolio companies and internally

Weathering the storm requires prioritisation and key actions to navigate the volatility. This document outlines key questions Private Equity firms can ask their portfolio companies in order to protect their core business, and key questions to ask internally to support engagement with key stakeholders including LPs, sponsors and lenders.

Topics covered in this document:

  • Selected quick wins for portfolio companies to survive the next four weeks including short term lay-offs (korttidspermittering) and retroactive R&D contribution claims (forskningsavdraget)
  • Key levers for portfolio companies to consider in the following 3-6 months including additional funding and credit solutions, disruption milestone preparation, cyber threat protection, and downside demand assessment
  • Key stakeholder engagement strategy for a Private Equity firm including establishing consistent and structured monitoring & reporting with portfolio companies and engaging proactively with LPs, sponsors & lenders
Private Equity checklist to the COVID-19 outbreak
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