Funding and financing strategies for smart cities

Reports on financing tomorrow’s smart city ecosystems

Given the volume of funds required for modernizing infrastructure, smart cities need to consider innovative financing strategies to transform their vision into reality. Deloitte published a series of reports around funding and financing smart cities that recommends creative alternatives to traditional infrastructure financing models. This research provides guiding principles based on the experiences of several government officials, industry leaders, and our own professionals who have actively facilitated these journeys for our clients.

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Smart cities are a new concept with new technologies. Attracting investors requires a comprehensive strategic plan that clearly communicates the opportunity, including a robust business model, a creative approach to funding and financing (new sources of revenue, new business models for recovery and value capture), and innovative financing structures for investors.

Latest release: The Alliance Approach to Smart Cities

To realize the promise of Smart Cities, governments need a new approach for financing their projects, forming partnerships, procuring products and services, and providing governance. One model we propose is called the Alliance Approach, which offers a way to develop new partnership ecosystems and conduct flexible procurements. It allows municipalities to quickly test and deploy Smart Cities solutions and scale up the ones that provide real benefits.

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Deloitte Global invites you to read the latest reports in our series, designed to provide insightful information about funding and procurement options, and insights from other smart cities projects. Start the series with "The challenge of paying for smart cities projects" and explore from there.

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Funding and financing strategies for smart cities

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