Offshoring - How to ensure success

Introducing global delivery models are complex initiatives. Add outsourcing and an offshoring component and you have an even bigger challenge with major changes in your ways of working.

The top reason to outsource overseas is to benefit from lower cost and cheaper prices and there is a widely spread expectation (2012 Global Outsourcing and Insourcing Survey Report) that cost of operations will fall significantly for the same piece of work that has been done for a long time with in house personnel.
Wisely pursued offshoring can be a key strategy for organizations to remain competitive and strengthen their position on the market. When well executed, an effective transition can unlock the value of an outsourcing engagement, thereby laying the groundwork for a relationship that can last for many years to come.

This study introduces offshoring from a vendor perspective where a number of the major Indian heritage vendors have been asked to give their views on how to avoid pitfalls that may arise when entering offshoring arrangements, all the way from preparation to operation, thus giving the reader a glimpse of some of the important considerations when entering into an offshoring engagement with a third party supplier.

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