Swedish work and residence permit in five or twenty working-days

Deloitte is one of few Swedish companies that have been pronounced certified agents by the Swedish Migration Board. The certification enables Deloitte to ensure our clients a speedy turnaround of the applications for Swedish work and residence permits that we file with the authority. This means that the normal turnaround of six to seven months, is heavily reduced to only five working days. Since October 2012 the certification not only comprehends first time applications, but also extension applications. Furthermore, a Swedish union no longer needs to be contacted before an application is filed. Instead, you can choose to get the turnaround prolonged to twenty working-days.


According to Swedish immigration legislation, an individual who intends to work in Sweden and who is not an EU or EEA citizen, needs a Swedish work permit in place before he or she can start working in Sweden. This is also the case when an individual is sent on an assignment to Sweden by a non-Swedish employer. The application for a Swedish work and residence permit should normally be filed before the individual arrives in Sweden.


As a certified agent with the Swedish Migration Board, Deloitte has committed to file complete and accurate applications for Swedish work and residence permits with the authority.  In other words, the speedy turnaround of five or twenty working-days is conditional and it is therefore of great importance that all of our applications meet the terms that have been set by the Swedish Migration Authority.

Please find below a summary of documentation that needs to be attached to the application for a Swedish residence and work permit:

  • A signed Power of Attorney from the employee
  • A signed Power of Attorney from the employer
  • A copy of a valid passport
  • An Offer of Employment (specific form)
    • The document should contain information about the working-terms (e.g. salary and insurance coverage) that are offered to the employee in Sweden. The terms should comply with Swedish working-terms within the specific trade.
    • If you want to be ensured to have the work and residence permit in place only five working-days after the application has been filed, the relevant Swedish union needs to give a positive decision regarding the working-terms that have been offered the individual.
    • In cases of a new recruitment, the job position should have been advertised within the EU for at least ten days. This needs to be proved by stating the job add-id in the Offer of Employment.
    • For extensions, the work has to be for the same employment and employer as the first application.
    • For extensions, copies of annual income statements and pay slips need to be provided.

Please note that if the application does not meet the conditions mentioned above, Deloitte will not be able to make use of the certification with the Swedish Migration Board.

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