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GEN Y - The rise of the individual

Nordics Millennial Study

Millennials, the population aged 18-37, are important to study for a number of reasons. They are (about to become) the leaders of our workplaces and societies. Being digital natives, their habits and preferences will profoundly impact all aspects of business life.

We are told that this generation is mobile only. But go to a Nordic coffee shop, and look at all the millennials sitting there for hours on end with their laptops. They do not seem to be “mobile only”, and they may not even be “mobile first”.

We are told this generation is “digital-only”, doing everything online. So who are the 18-37 year olds that we see in restaurants, bars, stores, banks, post offices, government offices and movie theatres? And what about the time they spend on traditional voice calls, and in the real world, in bricks-and-mortar shoe stores for example?

To seek answers to these questions, we interviewed over 120 millennials from the four Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway about the devices they use across 55 different activities. Some of the findings might surprise you.

Explore our report to find out more about Nordic Millennials – how they differ from peers in other parts of the world, and what that might mean for businesses.


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