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Gaming is everywhere, and the gaming industry shows no signs of slowing down. In the Nordics, the phone is now the most popular device for gaming and more and more people play games on their phones daily.

The mobile phone is the preferred device for gaming in the Nordics by far and the it has cemented its status by getting even more popular this year compared to last. While men prefer playing on their mobile phone, desktop and gaming console just about equally, women are overwhelmingly mobile gamers.

Preferred device to play games on
Which, if any, is your preferred device for each of the following activities? - Play games

In every age group from 2018 to 2019 our survey shows an increase in people who are gaming on their mobile phone daily. Across every age group and country our survey shows an increase in daily mobile gaming over 2018 levels, with particularly large annual growth for 18-24-year-olds and every country except Finland.

Daily mobile gaming based on countries
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The gaming primarily occurs when relaxing at home. But people also turn to their phone for gaming purposes around bed time, when commuting or while watching TV. The data indicates, that the TV screen alone is not enough to maintain our complete attention and that second or double screening – as it is called – is a growing trend, with some even saying it is the new norm1.

When to play games on mobile phone
When do you tend to play games on your mobile phone?

A global market report on the gaming industry shows, that the gaming market generated somewhere close to €126.3 billion in revenue last year. That number is predicted to increase by about 10 percent in 2019 and every year until at least 20221.

Looking at the predictions by different gaming platforms, it is interesting that the largest segment, 36 per cent, will be smartphone games. Similarly, while there were almost 1.82 billion video gamers globally in 2014, researchers expect to see over 2.7 billion gamers by 2021, with most of the growth coming from mobile gamers.

The e-sport market is also growing enormously. E-sport is big with still mainly the younger generations, but the European e-sports market has seen strong average annual growth of about 24 per cent since 2016, with total revenues amounting to €240 million in 2018.

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