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Improve your B2C communication

A use-case

Today customers are bombarded with messages, ads and commercials from companies. Millions of marketing campaigns are triggered every day. In a digitalized world, country borders do not exist and a customer can be approached by any company in the world. But are we really reaching the customers?

The main reaction from customers is that they are fed up with all commercials and communication that is being pushed towards them. The only way of reaching the customers is by being relevant. For the SAS Viya Hackathon 2019, Deloitte and ICA Banken teamed up to solve a use-case within the area. Watch the result in our video.

The use-case

To get customers to use more products offered by ICA Banken, we decided to develop the company’s external communication. By using advanced analytics and insight tools provided by SAS Viya, we could find what criteria’s could increase the customer’s likelihood to expand their use of the banks products. From the results we built a Next Best Action model to create a relevant and enhanced customer experience, whilst reducing the amount of pushed content. 

The result

By using the new model ICA Banken increased their customers’ engagements while they reduced their pushed marketing ads. The customer’s relevancy increased more than ten times and customer targeted with personalized communication increased the profitability more than four times. All this while reducing marketing costs.

How can Deloitte help your business?

By using advanced analytic tools we can create solutions for companies that can improve their B2C communication. Are you interested in our solutions? Please reach out to us by the contact information at the end of this page.

SAS Viya Hackathon

During three weeks competitors at SAS Viya Hackathon 2019 where demonstrating the value of analysis, open data combined with SAS and open source while solving a real life use-case. Deloittes teamed up with Ica Banken during the contest and the winner will be announced in the beginning of May at SAS Global Forum Dallas.

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