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Insights on the top SAP technology trends 2020

Innovating at the pace of disruption

No matter what comes next, one thing is certain: change. Disruption will keep coming. For “built to last” businesses, tough realities lie ahead. Activating a “built to evolve” enterprise can allow you to respond at the pace of disruption—even as new trends emerge, and technologies move forward.

In this report, which is part of our Tech Trends 2020 series, we explore several important trends through the lens of SAP—also touching on the technology macro forces at play and how modern businesses can navigate digital transformation.  

These SAP-specific insights provide an essential starting point that can help you reimagine everything and activating a so-called Kinetic Enterprise capable of responding at the speed of disruption – leveraging intelligent capabilities, cloud solutions, an inclusive ecosystem of apps, and a clean core.

It’s a vision of an evolving enterprise that’s well paced and placed for change. For leaders who want to enable the “built to evolve” Kinetic Enterprise, understanding what lies ahead is imperative. And for organizations that rely on SAP solutions, the stakes can be especially high. As disruption accelerates, making an impact with your SAP technology investments has become more critical than ever.

Read more about:       

  • Macro technology forces
  • Bridging the physical and digital
  • Finance and the future of it
  • Architecture awakens
  • Ethical technology and trust
  • Human experience platforms
  • What does your future look like?

At the center of it all: powerful insights, ideas, and tested solutions that can help you deliver new levels of efficiency, service, and growth – no matter what the future throws your way.


Insights on the top SAP technology trends 2020
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