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WorldClass: Making an impact that matters, one future at a time

We have a goal of impacting fifty million futures by 2030.

Globally, millions are being left behind – unable to access education, skills and opportunities. At Deloitte, we’ve made a promise of our own: to empower 50 million people to be part of this new world economy by giving them skills they need for the future. We’ve called it WorldClass and we’re putting all our people, in every country, behind it.

In Southeast Asia, we are committed to impacting 2 million youths, and will leverage our knowledge, resources, and network in areas such as talent building, innovation and entrepreneurship, and digital and technology to help the youths succeed.

To find out how your organisation can get involved with Deloitte on WorldClass, contact Jeanette Juay.

Deloitte Southeast Asia COVID-19 response and relief efforts

In response to the spread of COVID-19, Deloitte has activated the power of its global footprint and adopted a multi-pronged approach to address the significant and growing needs of impacted communities around the world. To date, we have committed more than US$12.5 million in investments in the form of direct monetary donations, medical equipment, and pro bono project work.

One Young World Diaries podcast series

As part of Deloitte’s WorldClass ambition to impact 50 million people, our partnership with One Young World (OYW) develops young professionals into future leaders who can solve the world’s toughest problems.

How are we making an impact that matters?

Enabling Myanmar’s youth to achieve economic resilience:

Collaboration with Y Care International and YMCA Myanmar

18 Deloitte professionals in Myanmar led a 5-day-programme on business skills for youth aged 20-25 in partnership with Y Care International and YMCA Myanmar. Focusing on important lessons in marketing and basic finance, we aimed to equip 90 beneficiaries with the knowledge to achieve economic resilience and social empowerment in their communities.

Overcoming language barriers and time constraints, among other challenges, our programme was well received. Encouraged by this positive reception, our people are further energised to continue devoting their time to volunteering and societal impact. In this way, we will fulfil our vision of making an impact, one future at a time.  

“It’s an experience that cannot be explained in words. Everyone deserves to and should experience it. Truly a life-changing opportunity not to be missed!”

— Ang Ke Qin, Senior Consultant Deloitte Singapore

Upskilling students for ‘new-collar’ professions:

Collaboration with IBM

There has been a growing demand for ICT professionals over the past few years, resulting in a skills gap in Singapore's workforce. Disadvantaged students will likely be left behind in this digital transformation. To this end, Deloitte partnered with IBM to take part in their P-TECH initiative. Initially launched in the US, P-TECH in Singapore aims to upskill youth studying in ITE to prepare them for new-collar jobs. These highly sought after technical roles in fast-growing technology sectors demand vocational skills over traditional college degrees. For this purpose, P-TECH provides ITE students with coding and technological education, supplemented with mentoring, career guidance, internship opportunities, and workplace competencies training.

Three Deloitte professionals, from our Risk Advisory practice, helped trainers and assisted more than 30 students from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) at a series of basic Python workshops in early 2020. Totalling over nine hours, these workshops focused on foundational coding knowledge that will help students navigate school, internships, and eventually their careers.  Through our volunteers, we were able to provide underserved youth with access to skills so that they can be work-ready for the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Empowering youth with financial literacy:

Money & Me: Youth Financial Empowerment Programme

24,000 Malaysians, aged 35 and below, were declared bankrupt between 2011 and 2015. Recognising the need for improved financial literacy in youth, Deloitte Malaysia partnered with The Edge Education Foundation’s ‘Money & Me Programme’. Seeking to instil financial literacy as a basic life skill, the Programme also equips youth with entrepreneurship skills to open alternate career paths for them.

Our financial literacy and expertise as a professional services provider and our firm-wide Facilitator Excellence programme, which educates our leaders on achieving engagement and learning during a training, made us the best fit to be Money & Me’s training partner.

On 24 Feb 2020, we hosted our first ‘Training of Trainers’ (ToT) session led by Subhabrata Dasgupta, Transfer Pricing Executive Director of Deloitte Malaysia. He trained 44 Money & Me trainers about the best ways to teach youth so that the trainers could effectively fulfil the goals of the programme. The trainers responded with overwhelmingly positive feedback, particularly for the simplicity and effectiveness with which various teaching theories and approaches were taught. Applying their learnings from the workshop, these 44 trainers will be able to empower over 1,000 youth with financial literacy. 

Equipping students with the right skills for the fourth Industrial Revolution: 

Collaboration with ASSIST

In partnership with the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST), Deloitte Philippines and Deloitte Consulting Philippines Centre launched a new Training of Trainers (ToT) programme in Feb 2020.  

Our professionals trained 20 IT educators at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) about agile software development methodology. By equipping educators with the skills to support students, we will help close the skills gap for Filipino youth and prepare them for the Future of Work. The ToT programme is also being expanded to other universities to scale up our potential to make an impact that matters.

Guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs:

Halogen Foundation’s Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2019

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE, pronounced as ‘nifty’) is a funded programme designed to activate the entrepreneurial mindset and build business skills in youth from underprivileged communities. NFTE’s innovative, hands-on curriculum allows young people to learn entrepreneurial skills and attitudes through activities such as opportunity recognition and market research.

The 60-hour NFTE programme culminates in NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (NYEC) where the top 3 students from each NFTE school pitch their business ideas to a panel of esteemed judges from various industries.

Four Deloitte professionals volunteered as Business Coaches during the NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (NYEC) 2019, guiding 8 students during the three-day-long NYEC Level Up. Our professionals reviewed the students’ business plans, served as their sounding boards, and helped them sharpen their value propositions and pitches.  

Explore perspectives from Deloitte WorldClass volunteers and participants

Silver Kim Ibale,

Senior – Audit & Assurance, Thailand

Silver is a member of our WorldClass Impact Makers Council, a group of passionate Deloitte volunteers across Southeast Asia that drives the direction of our WorldClass initiatives.(first from left) 

I remember praying for privileges in life—one for fulfilling and purposeful work at an esteemed firm. Now that I have it, I pray that I may never get too busy in my own affairs and accustomed to comforts that I fail to respond to the needs of others.

I find joy in volunteering, from speaking at student conferences to spending my weekends visiting shelters for neglected children and underprivileged girls. Most of my speeches and talks are focused on self-efficacy and the power of dreams. Every time I talk to people from different realities of life, it is like the amplifiers are on me, reflecting the words of affirmation and encouragement louder. My volunteering journey started with the ‘cool’ feeling of doing good which soon developed into deep, habit-forming contentment. The experience is profound, empowering, and comforting—metamorphic to the beneficiaries, but mostly to me, the volunteer.

Yang Su Ying, 

Senior Executive – Human Resources, Malaysia

Su Ying is a member of our WorldClass Impact Makers Council, a group of passionate Deloitte volunteers across Southeast Asia that drives the direction of our WorldClass initiatives.

In the past, I’ve worked on a UNICEF-funded nationwide research project on Malaysia’s key challenges in the progression of child rights which was presented to the government, along with institutional recommendations for improvements. In this regard, Deloitte Malaysia’s aim to provide quality education to children and youth resonates with me. Having also implemented CSR initiatives for various stakeholders, I’m excited to return to a climate where private-public collaborations are increasingly seen as a necessity to drive growth, presenting opportunities to empower communities and for the exchange of expertise and resources. This is why I decided to join hands with our supportive, global, and diverse platform of WorldClass

As our society rapidly develops a collective consciousness, the phrase “try and leave this world a little better than you found it” never rung truer. I come from an upbringing where my siblings and I are constantly encouraged to look after the people around us and to give back where we can. WorldClass is an opportunity to carry forward these values.

WorldClass: Making an impact that matters, one future at a time

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