C-level executives seek external catalyst to address business challenges

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C-level executives seek external catalyst to address business challenges

Rising demand for unique experiences

Organisations are recognising that traditional methods of brainstorming business ideas and strategies no longer hold water in today’s changing marketplace, as indicated by the increase in the number of participants - by 129% - that have sought external help from the Deloitte Greenhouse in 2014 as compared to 2013.

The Deloitte Greenhouse in Singapore was launched in November 2013. Having recently celebrated its first birthday, its inaugural year saw over 2,000 participants from more than 60 organisations around the region benefit from the Greenhouse experience which involves helping executive teams strategise, innovate and overcome business challenges. The experience combines expert facilitation, design thinking and analytics in a consciously-designed environment to accelerate breakthroughs.

The Singapore Greenhouse is one of several Deloitte Greenhouses worldwide, and the first of its kind in Asia Pacific. Although the Singapore facility is a year old, Deloitte Southeast Asia had begun offering these tailor-made client experiences as early as in 2012.

The increase in the number of participants since its launch is an indication that organisations beginning to appreciate that the professional expertise and dedicated, focused sessions that the Deloitte Greenhouse provides enables their business units to forge new paths in today’s rapidly-evolving business environment.

“Southeast Asia is home to many fast-growing emerging markets, and organisations operating within it need to keep pace with the changes. Senior leaders grapple with issues that require multiple perspectives, creativity, and adaptation; issues that cannot be addressed with ‘business as usual’, and they often do not have the relevant skill sets and expertise in-house to help them ‘disrupt’ their ‘usual’,” says Mr Akshay Chopra, Associate Director and Southeast Asia Lead of the Deloitte Greenhouse.

More than just a refreshing physical space, the Greenhouse, targeted at senior teams, sets out to innovatively encourage idea generation, interaction and rapid prototyping of solutions. Its expert facilitators draw upon principles of design thinking, behavioral economics, group dynamics and innovation theory in order to help executives make significant headway on thorny issues.

Greenhouse clients include senior executives of mid- to large-sized organisations operating regionally in Southeast Asia, and Asian leaders of global multi-national corporations (MNCs) that have a regional footprint. Clients choose from a list of offerings which include:

  • Analytics Labs – How do you make data meaningful?
  • Innovative Labs – How can you spark new thinking?
  • Strategic Risk Labs – How can you spot a ‘Black Swan’ before it spots you?
  • Sustainability Labs – How can you achieve best-in-class reporting?
  • Analytics Executive Education – Analytics for smarter decision making

“Analytics play a prominent role in the Greenhouse experience; when added into the unique formula, they can help solve the last-mile problem. For example, analytics-based data visualisations are far more engaging than static content on slides or reports, and these let users interact with the data by changing variables to see outcomes change in real time. More than that, analytics makes a big difference to which solutions are formed,” says Mr Wilds Ross, Southeast Asia Lead Partner, Deloitte Analytics.

“By incorporating analytics into the Greenhouse sessions, valuable new insights into business challenges can be generated. We believe that effective decisions in the modern world require qualitative information to be mixed with quantitative evidence. They must take into account a holistic, reasoned assessment of all the information available.”

For more information on the client experiences offered by the Deloitte Greenhouse, please click here.

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