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Celebrating our people - Joe M. Arnett

Deloitte SEA has many amazing people.  As we celebrate our 175th Anniversary this year, we want to highlight some of our people who are passionate about helping their communities. We speak to Joe M. Arnett, Deloitte Guam Tax Senior Advisor, on his contributions to his commmunity through various organisations.

1. Please share about the volunteer work that you are involved in.

I am a member of the Rotary Club of Tumon Bay (Guam), which is a business leaders’ organisation that supports the needs of the community. I became a member within weeks of arriving in Guam in January 1984. Some of the projects that we have been working on include the rebuilding and maintaining of public facilities at popular tourist destinations in Tumon Bay; assisting Alee Shelter, a support group which houses women and children who are facing distressed personal circumstances; and providing assistance to many other organisations in our community to aid those in need.

In addition, I have served as a Board Member, Vice Chairman, and Chairman of the Guam Chamber of Commerce, an organisation that supports businesses and their employees with special attention to the major sectors of the Guam economy including tourism, US Department of Defense, and shipping. The Guam Chamber also has a program aimed at students, to encourage and assist young entrepreneurs and small businesses in Guam.

Next, I serve as Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee, which support new service members who are rotating through Guam. We work actively with the Commanders of the various service branches in Guam to provide local assistance in accomplishing their missions in Guam. Through our participation in the Navy League of Guam and the Andersen Air Force Base Civilian Advisory Council, we assist service members and enable them to have a rewarding time in Guam while they are thousands of miles from family and friends.

Lastly, I work with Rainbows for Children, a group that helps children whose parents are separated or who live in single-parent homes. I also enjoy educating the accountants of the future by lecturing at the University of Guam.  

2. Why is volunteering important to you? 

Volunteering allows me to give back to those in need as well as to learn more about the lives and customs of Guam which is a multicultural society.

I also enjoy meeting and working with others in my community who are outside the sphere of my clients and their businesses.

3. Would you encourage other Deloitte staff to also volunteer to the community and if so, why?

Definitely yes. The feeling of accomplishment is no greater than when helping other individuals and the neighborhoods we live in.

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