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This blog tells the stories of our people who are on the SEA Games 2015 journey. From the management team, to organizing committee, volunteers, and our athletes, each one of them will walk a different path but ultimately it will converge towards a common goal – one of pride and glory, with dreams in hand.

3 June 2015

Tse Gan’s Story
Thio Tse Gan
Enterprise Risk Services Executive Director & leader of the Deloitte 28th SEA Games engagement team
[Seen on the left with Nila, the 28th SEA Games mascot]

If you have been a loyal follower of Deloitte’s SEA Games news, you will have seen the familiar Deloitte blue appearing on your news feed this morning, showcasing our impressive number “2” to mark Day-2 to the Games.

For me, seeing this video jogged a memory of a morning not too long ago, where I woke up early, dressed in the signature Deloitte blue polo t-shirt to join in this momentous occasion.

I am proud to be one of the Deloitte volunteers who came together with the students of NorthLight and the elderly folks of Tung Ling on 27 April 2015 to lend a hand at this year’s IMPACT Day where over 400 people came together to form a human number “2”, counting down to the official launch of the SEA Games. All of us were excited to play a part in the SEA Games countdown celebrations, but many of you may not know the story behind the number “2”.

This number was not an arbitrary number assigned to Deloitte by the SEA Games committee but a deliberate choice made by us. Many months ago, when we started our partnership discussions with the Games committee, we asked ourselves how Deloitte can be part of the nation-wide 50-day countdown. After a long deliberation, the team decided that “2” was to be our number because this holds meaning for Deloitte in two ways.

Firstly, the number “2” symbolises the second time we are involved in a historic sporting event in Singapore – the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in 2010, and this year’s 28th SEA Games. The appointment reinforces the recognition Deloitte’s has in supporting the pinnacle of sporting events and has helped further boost our brand name internationally.

In addition, Deloitte has two key community partners – NorthLight School and Tung Ling Community Services – who represent two important components within the fabric of Singapore – the youths who are Singapore’s future and the pioneers who have helped build this nation for the past 50 years. To be able to join hands with them on this SEA Games journey is indeed an opportunity for us to show the public what the heart of Deloitte is made of and our desire to contribute positively to our community.

The weather was good to us that morning of 27 April, and with a spirit of camaraderie, we formed the number “2” in just two tries! After the wonderful performance by our participants, they were treated to a carnival with fun and games. The one-minute video produced by the SEA Games committee captured our effort brilliantly and I urge everyone to watch it and share it with your friends and family.

It felt good to be part of something so meaningful and as I stood back to bask in the laughter of our Deloitte volunteers, students and the elderly mingling and enjoying themselves, I felt a sense of pride – proud to be part of the Deloitte family and proud that Deloitte has once again delivered the dream.

Tse Gan

Click and watch the Deloitte-SEA Games number “2” countdown video, featuring Deloitte, NorthLight School and Tung Ling Community Services.

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