WEBINAR | 5 Ways to Thrive in Volatile Times

Tune in to our webinars on Thriving in Volatile Times, where we will discuss our insights on the COVID-19 situation and recommend 5 key ways to help companies build resilience and ride out the turbulent times.

This webinar has passed, please reach out to if you’d like information regarding this webinar.

5 Ways to Thrive in Volatile Times

  1. Efficient operations
    Terence Foo, SEA Supply Chain and Network Operations Leader
    Timothy Ho, SEA Finance & Enterprise Performance Leader
    Ei Leen Giam, SEA Assurance Leader

    • Supply chain and network operations
    • Working capital and finance strategy
    • Uninterrupted virtual accounting

  2. Tax and trade optimization
    Sharon Tan, International Tax Partner

    • Value chain alignment – tax and trade
    • Tax toolkit for uncertain times
    • Tax transformation

  3. Agile human capital
    Adrian Ole, SEA Organisation Design Leader

    • Resilient leadership
    • Workforce transformation

  4. Vigilant risk management
    Thio Tse Gan, SEA Cyber Risk Leader

    • Cyber risk
    • Enterprise risk management
    • Business continuity management

  5. Opportunities in restructuring
    Andrew Grimmett, SEA Restructuring Services Leader

    • Downturn planning
    • Distressed M&A
    • Divesture and managed exit
    • Capturing market opportunities
    • Debt advisory and financial restructuring
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