Deloitte Greenhouse Business Model Innovation Lab


Deloitte Greenhouse Business Model Innovation Lab

Created to help clients innovate customer value proposition and mobilize transformation, participants will walk away with high-level business model redesigns and a set of go to-market strategies with end-users in mind.


Leveraging on Deloitte’s Strategic Foresight and Business Innovation methodologies, we will examine dominant and emerging business models, reveal orthodoxies, and sense the impact of emerging trends on your business.

We then diverge and converge through Deloitte’s Design Thinking Process to tear apart existing moulds, reframe your proposition and innovate the core elements of your model.

You will redesign a model that fulfils unmet customer needs, create entirely new markets, or simply anticipates tectonic shifts in the business and technological landscape.


The lab is created to help executives innovate their customer value proposition and mobilise transformation. Your team will walk away with a high-level business model redesign and go to-market market strategies with end-users in mind.

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