Deloitte Greenhouse Executive Transition Lab

The one irrecoverable asset of all executives is time. Most executives operate initially with a mindset of a six month milestone to assess priorities and focus on what is important to really make an impact.

Not surprisingly, to be successful in executing these strategic priorities, executives must build trusted relationships with the Board, business leaders and stakeholders. Do these transitioning executives have the right support to become successful and build their legacy in the organization?


There is no standard background for transitioning into a C-suite role and no magic formula for success. Some individuals are elevated to the role from within an organisation, others not. Some have months to prepare, others only days. These differences make each executive's journey unique.

However, one thing is for certain – based on targeted research and interviews with C-suite executives that have previously navigated such transitions, there are three critical elements vital to success: time, talent, and relationships.

Through the Executive Transition Lab, executives will explore demands and challenges faced, and create an action plan for success for the next 180 days in their role.


Depending on where the executive is in the transition process, they can expect to:

  • Explore hopes, fears, and legacy for them in the role
  • Gain greater clarity on their objectives and how to achieve them timely for maximum impact
  • Identify their top 5 priorities for the next 180 days
  • Evaluate strength of stakeholder relationships and understand which relationships support which priorities
  • Review talent within their executive team and assess the team’s alignment with key priorities
  • Create a clear action plan to successfully achieve their top five priorities

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