About Speaking with Intent club.

Speak with Purpose. Connect for Impact.

Are you looking to enhance your speaking skills in an engaging and supportive environment?


Welcome to Speaking with Intent, brought to you by Deloitte Southeast Asia and Junior Achievement Malaysia.


Our monthly in-person sessions are crafted to empower you enhance your communication skills in a vibrant and supportive environment. 


Featuring activities such as storytellingdebates, and open mic sessions, each gathering is themed to ignite creativity and foster active participation.


Our Deloitte volunteers are here to guide you with their insights and expertise.

Speaking with Intent Club offers a refreshing approach to language learning, blending interactive sessions with social gatherings to create a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

Beyond traditional language classes, join a diverse community of learners who enjoy meeting people, sharing stories, and improving their speaking skills in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Our flexible fun approach ensures that every session is an exciting opportunity for growth and self-expression. Whether you are a beginner looking to build your confidence or an experienced speaker seeking to refine your skills but also to forge meaningful connections, our innovative language club is designed to take your communication skills and confidence to new heights

Join us and embark on a journey of learning in a supportive and rewarding environment!


Let's meet Jenny

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Monthly Saturday sessions for two-hour engagements

Discover these pivotal features designed to empower you throughout your Speaking with Intent journey:

We offer dynamic in-person sessions that provide flexibility and fun, making each gathering an exciting opportunity for personal growth and self-expression.


Let your creativity soar as we explore different themes in every session. Activities range from sharing stories to showcasing talents in open mic sessions, engaging in lively debates, intentional dialogues, persuasive sales pitches, and more.

We offer a fun and engaging atmosphere where you can enjoy meaningful interactions, make new connections, and create lasting memories while honing your speaking skills.

We provide support and encouragement to members, helping them build confidence in their communication skills and fostering a sense of camaraderie within the club. We celebrate each other’s progress along the way.

We believe that your voice matters! Members have the chance to shape our sessions by suggesting and influencing the themes explored, fostering a sense of ownership and ensuring inclusion within the community.

We cater to individuals with different interests and skill levels, fostering a welcoming environment where everyone can participate and thrive.

Put your language skills to the test in real-world scenarios through our interactive activities.

Gain invaluable experience that prepares you for confident communication in various contexts.


Speaking with Intent is a flagship program within Deloitte's WorldClass initiative in Malaysia, presented in collaboration with Junior Achievement Malaysia.

Deloitte’s WorldClass is our global societal impact initiative aiming to reach 100 million people by 2030. Deloitte invests our people's time, provides volunteers, and donates to support millions of students, teachers, and education leaders worldwide.


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Sukainah Osman

Senior Manager, Purpose (WorldClass) Deloitte Southeast Asia Ltd







Speaking with Intent.

Speaking with Intent is an initiative between Deloitte Southeast Asia and Junior Achievement Malaysia Alumni, supported by Junior Achievement Malaysia