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Course name Duration (hours) Delivery mode Course Date 2020
Post Implementation Series
FRS 115 Revenue from Contract with Customers – Practical Application Issues 3 Live Webinar 19 Aug
FRS 116 Leases - Practical Application Issues 3 Live Webinar 9 Sep
FRS 109 - Financial instruments: Practical Application Issues 4 Live Webinar 15-17 Sep 
Challenging accounting standards
The complexities of deferred tax and uncertain tax positions for your business 4 Live Webinar 16-17 Dec
Essentials of Business Combinations 6 Live Webinar 20-21 Oct
Impairment issues in the midst of volatality 6 Live Webinar 10-12 Nov
IFRS trends
COVID-19 Accounting Considerations 1 Live Webinar 6 Aug;
24 Sep
Financial Reporting Standards Updates 2 Live Webinar 26 Aug;
28 Oct;
9 Dec

Business Excellence

Course name Duration (hours) Delivery mode Course Date 2020
Introduction to Data Visualisation
6 Live Webinar Coming soon
Provisions and Contingencies - Do we still get this wrong?  2 Live Webinar 23 Sep
Understanding the life blood of your business in a crisis - Cashflow and liquidity 3 Live Webinar 14 Oct
Accounting and Finance for Non-finance Professionals 6 Live Webinar 25-26 Nov


Course name Duration (hours) Delivery mode Course Date 2020
Practical considerations for outbound investments 2.5 Live Webinar 7 Oct
Transfer pricing workshop 2.5 Live Webinar 20 Aug
Goods and Services Tax Foundation 3 Live Webinar 21 Aug
Fundamentals of withholding tax
3 Live Webinar 25-26 Aug
GST implications for fringe benefits 2 Live Webinar 27 Aug
Zero-rating for exportation of goods 2 Live Webinar 31 Aug
Recovery of expenses: reimbursement vs disbursement 2 Live Webinar 2 Sep
Zero-rating for international services 2 Live Webinar 3 Sep
Reverse charge 1.5 Live Webinar 4 Sep
Input tax recovery rules for general businesses 1.5 Live Webinar 10 Sep
Optimising capital allowances and tax deductions
2.5 Live Webinar 11 Sep
Taxation of foreign income and remittance rules 2 Live Webinar 18 Sep
Navigate through Global and Singapore Immigration 2020 2 Live Webinar 23 Sep
Tax - Input tax recovery rules for GST-registered persons that are partly exempt for GST purposes 2 Live Webinar 25 Sep
Tax reporting requirements for employees  2 Live Webinar 29 Sep
Key recent developments in International Tax 1.5 Live Webinar 22 Oct
Overview of Singapore tax incentives 1.5 Live Webinar Coming soon
Tax residency considerations & economic substance rules 1.5 Live Webinar Coming soon
Customs and trade compliance 3 Live Webinar Coming soon

Digital Transformation

Course name Duration (days) Delivery mode Course Date 2020
Advanced Certificate: Managing Crises in the New World (in partnership with SMU Academy)
12 Seminar Please click here
Advanced Certificate: Data and Analytics in Risk Management
12 Seminar Coming soon
Advanced Diploma: Information and Cybersecurity Management and Technical Fundamentals
Advanced Certificate 2: Cybersecurity Technical Fundamentals
24 Seminar Coming soon
Advanced Certificate: Corporate Governance for Next Generation Leaders
12 Seminar Coming soon
Data Analytics @ Work
1 Seminar Please click here
Professional Certificate: AI and Machine Learning
24 Seminar Coming soon
Certified Advanced Business Excellence Practitioner: Leadership for Next Generation Small and Medium Enterprises
8 Seminar Coming soon
Certified Business Excellence Practitioner: Digital Enablement @ Work
6 Seminar Coming soon
Certified Advanced Business Excellence Practitioner: Business Resiliency
3 Seminar Coming soon

Financial Crime

Course name Duration (hours) Delivery mode Course Date 2020
Sanctions 1 Live Webinar 25 Aug
Enhanced Due Diligence 1 Live Webinar 1 Sep
Forensics Investigations 1.5 Live Webinar 9 Sep
Anti-Bribery & Corruption 1 Live Webinar 11 Sep
Customer Due Diligence and Ongoing Monitoring 1.5 Live Webinar 14 Sep
Governance and Reporting 1.5 Live Webinar 16 Sep
Transaction Monitoring 1 Live Webinar 22 Sep
Risk-Based Approach 1.5 Live Webinar 25 Sep
Correspondent Banking 1 Live Webinar 28 Sep
Politically Exposed Persons 1 Live Webinar 30 Sep
Suspicious Transaction Reporting 1 Live Webinar Coming soon
End-to-end AML, CFT and Sanctions lifestyle 1.5 Live Webinar Coming soon
Overview to FinCrime and the Regulatory Universe in Singapore
1 Live Webinar Coming soon
Trade-Based Money Laundering 1 Live Webinar Coming soon
Cyber-Crime 1 Live Webinar Coming soon
Crypto and Blockchain 1 Live Webinar Coming soon


Financial Crime
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