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Thriving in Volatile Times

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Global responses to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation continue to rapidly evolve. Entities have to consider the increasingly broad effects of the pandemic as a result of its negative impact on the global economy and major financial markets. Entities must also carefully consider their unique circumstances and risk exposures when analyzing how recent events may affect their financial reporting. Specifically, financial reporting and related financial statement disclosures need to convey all material effects of COVID-19.

The requirement to apply the new lease accounting standard IFRS 16 (or FRS 116) remains unchanged. For those that have not adopted IFRS 16, you may be grappling with understanding the specific key requirements. For those who have adopted it, you may be keen to refine your adoption of this standard and have questions on the implications of any changes to your lease portfolio in the coming years, especially with the recent events brought about by COVID-19.

Join us at our 5-part webinar sessions as we go through each of these topics. 

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Webinar fees

Session 1: COVID-19 Accounting Considerations - S$60 (2 CPE hours)

Session 2: Leases - S$120 (4 CPE hours)

Session 3: IFRS Updates - S$60 (2 CPE hours)

Session 4: Estimating ECL and Hedge Accounting - S$120 (4 CPE hours)

Session 5: Impairment of Non-Financial Assets - S$120 (4 CPE hours)

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