Assurance and advisory

Deloitte Private

Our audit methodology is risk and controls based. We engage closely with management to ensure that we focus on areas of most significance and deliver value. The risk assessment incorporates your views and concerns and we work with you to tailor our audit strategy based on this assessment. Our deliverables include a detailed Audit Completion Report that outlines our approach to the audit, the key issues arising from the audit and detailed feedback on the robustness of the internal controls and processing systems.

Our audit approach involves a number of stages including:

  • Planning visit to identify and design an approach to address the specific audit risks of the engagement. 
  • Interim audit to deal with year-end issues as early as possible and complete testing of transaction processes and operation of key internal controls
  • Year-end audit to test the financial statement balances and prepare the financial statements
  • Final group reporting
  • Issuance of year end board reporting document inclusive of recommendations for improvement.