Tax advisory services

Deloitte Private

Our tax specialists have a deep understanding of international tax, legislative and regulatory rules, both locally and overseas. We help you structure your business operations in the most effective manner.

Serving private clients goes beyond a technical advisory relationship. With a deep understanding of the business issues, we focus on the situation of each client in order to help them address their tax positions and compliance, while working closely with other professionals, both within and outside of Deloitte, who may be engaged.

In addition to your specific circumstances, our specialists bring a deep understanding of the current environment and how it may affect your situation, from regulatory changes to globalisation, to the ups and downs of the economy. Whilst these trends represent overarching business and economic concerns, tax considerations play a critical role when tailoring an approach to private wealth management.

We consider our range of services an important resource for SEA families and family businesses in planning for long-term success in today’s economic and regulatory environment.

Income tax advisory services

Increased mobility among high net-worth individuals and families has coincided with the broad expansion of a globally integrated economy — featuring greater cross-border trade and investment — to create an increasingly complex range of global tax issues.

Deloitte professionals work closely with clients to resolve questions of tax residency and domicile and to assess the tax aspects of international investment opportunities. We provide multi-jurisdictional tax and estate advice, taking into consideration family mobility, wealth planning and preservation goals, the nuances of investing in specific countries and asset types, and the tax consequences to the family’s private business enterprises.

Our services in this area include:
• Cross border tax planning (double tax agreements)
• Withholding tax and capital gains tax analysis
• Managing Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFC) exposure
• Trust and estate planning
• Inheritance / succession tax planning
• Investment and wealth structuring
• Tax optimization
• Tax rulings
• Tax residency determination / disputes
• Tax incentive applications, including those for charity / philanthropic activities and fund structures
• A range of other tax issues of varying complexity