Sustainable Finance Masterclass for SMEs

What is sustainable finance?

The course aims to increase participants’ awareness in sustainable finance and relevant instruments by introducing sustainable finance instruments relevant to SMEs, elaborating on strategy development necessary to access these sustainable finance tools.

In partnership with Enterprise Singapore, we have developed Sustainable Finance Masterclass for SMEs, one of the two comprehensive sustainability courses that we offer. This course has been designed to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate sustainable finance practices into their business strategies. Moreover, this course is a part of the Enterprise Sustainability Programme (ESP) by Enterprise Singapore, which aims to help businesses in Singapore to develop and implement sustainability initiatives and leverage opportunities in the green economy. To learn more about subsidies, eligibility criteria, and the application process for the course, please refer to the information provided below.


Course Synopsis

Sustainability has become a key factor that financial institutions and investor consider when evaluating lending opportunities and potential investments. With the aim to empower small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to capitalize on these growing opportunities, this course will equip participants with the practical knowledge needed to access sustainable finance in the region.

The course is divided in three main modules to increase participants’ awareness in sustainable finance and relevant instruments. The modules include an introduction to the sustainable financing ecosystem at a regional and international level, a deep dive on sustainable finance instruments relevant to SMEs and strategy development to access these sustainable finance tools.

Throughout the course, participants will be able to learn from key industry players, such as financiers and consultants, to gain an insider perspective on the sustainable finance ecosystem.

Key learning outcomes

  • Understand the value of sustainable financing for SMEs and the role it plays in advancing net-zero ambitions
  • Identify the difference of the various sustainable finance instruments, understand frameworks and standards used for evaluating their impact.
  • Develop a strategy to access sustainable finance instruments from ideation stage, to monitoring and reporting. 



Introduction to sustainable financing                                                                    


  • Definition of sustainable finance and brief overview of taxonomies
  • Introduction to sustainable finance ecosystem
  • Sustainable finance trends
  • Introduction to international and regional principles and frameworks for sustainable finance
Deep dive on sustainable finance instruments


  • Overview of key green and sustainable finance categories
  • Introduction to sustainable financing tools and which to use to embed in your organization’s strategy
Strategy for accessing sustainable finance instruments as an SME


Developing a green investment strategy according to best practices:

  • Defining framework for the selection process and eligibility criteria for identifying the projects to be financed.
  • Positioning your company within the sustainable financing ecosystem
  • Securing financing for green loans and SLLs vs impact investment
  • Identify metrics, KPIs, monitoring processes and procedures for the tracking and reporting of funds depending on type of sustainable finance instrument
  • Available assistance for SMEs

Course Schedule


April 2023



Registration deadline: 30th March 2023

Wednesday, 05 Apr 2023


Thursday, 06 Apr 2023


Location: TBC

Monday, 10 Apr 2023



July 2023



Registration deadline: 5th July    2023

Tuesday, 11 Jul 2023


Thursday, 13 Jul 2023


Location: TBC

Tuesday, 18 Jul 2023



December 2023



Registration deadline:5th Dec    2023

Monday, 11 Dec 2023


Wednesday, 13 Dec 2023


Location: TBC

Monday, 18 Dec 2023



*Please note that the training dates are subject to change


Course Fee & Details

  • Delivery Mode: Classroom Learning
  • No. of Session: 3 (4 hours per session)
  • Course Fee: SGD 1,080 (incl. GST)

Enterprise Singapore subsidised price SGD 324 (incl. GST)  

  • Total course time: 12 hours

Enterprise Singapore Subsidy

Subsidy Eligibility Conditions

  • Course fee of S$324 (inclusive of GST) per participant is only applicable to local companies1 and trade associations2, up to a maximum of 3 nominated participants per entity.
  • Participants must be nominated by their company or trade association for participation in this series of Sustainability Courses3.
  • Each individual will only be supported to participate in these sustainability courses once.
  • The company or organisation is liable to make full payment for the course fees if it or its participants are found to be ineligible or fail to complete the course.

1Eligible companies need to be a business entity that is registered or incorporated in Singapore.

2Trade Associations (TACs) will need to fulfil the following criteria: a) registered with Registry of Societies (ROS) or Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA); and b) defined as a non-profit organisation.

3Enterprise Sustainability Programme – Sustainability courses are offered by several training organisations. You may refer here for the list of courses under the series.

Subsidy Process 

To receive this subsidy, please submit the following documents to after you have registered using the link at the bottom of this page:

  1. Completed Company Nomination Declaration Form
  2. Verification documents: 

                • Local Companies :

                        Company’s most recent ACRA Bizfile profile
                        (Accessed from 2022 onwards)

                • Trade Associations :

                        Company’s most recent ACRA Bizfile profile
                        (Accessed from 2022 onwards)

                        If ACRA Bizfile profile is not available, please provide a                         screenshot of the organisation’s registration with the Registry of                         Societies (ROS)

Company Nomination Declaration Form

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Enterprise Sustainability Programme

The Enterprise Sustainability Programme (ESP) supports Singapore businesses to build capabilities in sustainability and capture new opportunities in the green economy. As part of the initiatives under the ESP, Enterprise Singapore has partnered industry players to conduct a series of ESP-Sustainability Courses to help businesses build awareness and knowledge in sustainability.

These courses provide guidance to help Singapore companies, especially SMEs assess their current sustainability performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement sustainable practices that align with their business goals. By promoting sustainable business practices, the programme aims to create a more resilient and sustainable economy that supports long-term growth and protects the environment for future generations.

To know more about Enterprise Sustainability Programme - Sustainability Courses, please click here.