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Decisions magazine - Issue 11

Experience the world with our Global Mobility Programme (GMP)! This programme provides our people the opportunity to work in different countries and develop new insights, cross-cultural competencies, and cultivate an invaluable network of contacts.

Let our Audit & Assurance colleagues Lynette Leong and Nuur Fatihha Yusoff bring you to their new homes in New York and San Francisco respectively and share their overseas work experiences with you while on our Global Mobility Programme.

Lynette Leong in New York

What made you apply for the GMP?

Working overseas at some point of my career has always been my aspiration and the GMP provided me the perfect platform to do so.

How is like working in the New York office?

Working in the New York office has given me an insight into how global and prestigious the Deloitte brand is, which evokes a great sense of pride to be part of this organisation. Meeting different audit professionals from all over the world, and sharing more about our respective countries and cultures have broadened my horizons on both a professional and personal level.

What are some things you have done during your secondment to New York?

Being in the US has given me the opportunity to travel to exotic places like Mexico, which was a destination I would not normally consider visiting.

How has this GMP experience helped you?

The GMP has allowed me to challenge myself and explore new boundaries. I would definitely encourage anyone who wants to push their limits to be part of this amazing experience!

Nuur Fatihha Yusoff in San Francisco

Why did you decide to go on the GMP?

I wanted to gain overseas experience beyond Singapore and learn how the different Deloitte offices manage their engagements. The thought of being in the heart of Silicon Valley was also very exciting. There is so much innovation taking place here, even in audit.

How has your experience in the US been like so far?

I have learnt a lot about myself and constantly surprising myself with the littlest things that I never knew I was capable of achieving. It is like a road to self-discovery and I am finally understanding my own strengths and weaknesses.

How has the GMP benefitted you?

I get to live the ‘American Dream’ here! The country is a melting pot with diverse cultures and opportunities. I am able to network with people from different walks of life and continuously learning new things outside of work. It was a nerve-wrecking decision to join the GMP but the benefits are overwhelming and it is definitely something that everyone should sign up for!


Decision Magazine Issue 11

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