Deloitte Accelerated Career Program

Propel your career

Calling all Accountancy, and Accountancy and Finance students! It’s never too early to visualise your future. Designed with the needs of future’s accountancy graduates in mind, Deloitte’s Propel will launch you to a successful head-start in your career.


Propel fast 

At Deloitte, we know that speed is of the essence. Our markets are fast-moving, our clients are fast-changing – and our people are fast-paced. Deloitte’s Propel program helps you keep up with the competition, and accelerate your career progression with:

  • World-class professional training;
  • Hands-on experience in real client engagements;
  • On-the-job coaching and mentorship by experienced managers; and
  • Full support for recognised professional qualifications.

Successful completion of the Propel program will also enable you to eventually secure full-time, permanent employment at Deloitte Singapore after university graduation.

Propel forward 

Heard of a first-mover advantage? As the Propel program equips you with the necessary skills and experience to perform at a higher level right from the get-go as a new university graduate, your career will enjoy a head-start with a higher entry-level position, accompanied by a higher starting pay. Your career advancement will also be faster than those on the normal track, enabling you to reach significant career milestones like Manager in a shorter period of time. As a Manager, you’ll be a leader in the firm, managing a team and leading interactions with clients.

Propel far 

Propelling your career forward is not just what we do. We also propel your career further: to last. Our Propel program sets you ahead of your university peers by taking into consideration your Deloitte internship completed during your diploma studies. You will only need to complete a shorter 20 accumulative weeks of internship during your subsequent undergraduate years, a shorter duration than the university cohort who will need to fulfil 30 weeks.

If you are an Accountancy or Accountancy and Finance student at a local polytechnic, and able to fulfil the following criteria, we want you:

  • Possess a strong interest in a career in Audit & Assurance; and
  • Able to commit to an Audit & Assurance internship period of at least 12 weeks during your diploma studies.

You will be required to complete an Audit & Assurance internship period of 20 accumulative weeks during your subsequent local accountancy undergraduate studies, which can be completed in 2 phases or less.

Submit your resume to Deloitte SG Audit Talent at Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

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