Auditing Information Systems – In partnership with Deloitte

Interested in the IT auditing profession? This course extends beyond financial, accounting and business concepts taught in accounting courses and delves into how technology, along with its associated risks and controls, is an integral part of businesses.

The scope and concepts covered in this course is the same as the basic training received by an IT auditor in industry.

As part of the programme, you will:

  • Understand auditing beyond business and financial processes
  • Gain exposure to new areas of risk such as technology, cyber and regulatory changes
  • Experience learning through real world scenarios and from professionals with experience of more than 10 years
  • Be equipped with technology side of auditing methodology and develop more marketable skills
  • Get the opportunity to expand your network and be connected to professionals in the auditing domain


Deloitte-SMU Auditing Information Systems Programme Outline

Auditing Information Systems – In partnership with Deloitte

Information Technology elements

Understand IT environment and IT controls affecting the business process. Develop acumen to test IT related controls.

Experiential learning

Activities modelled after real world scenarios, role plays to demonstrate examples of client meetings and session with Deloitte’s Partner to understand current auditing trends.

Auditing IT

Learn to test elements of General IT Controls (GITC) and business cycle controls affecting related information systems.

Project delivery

Work as a team on a project simulating Deloitte’s client engagements, to deliver audit working papers and present report and findings.

Who is eligible?

All accountancy and information system undergraduates* are welcome to apply for the elective programme.

How to apply?

This elective program will be taught in the Academic Year 2020-2021 Semester 1 (August 2020) and it will be open for bidding on SMU’s BOSS (Bidding Online SyStem) platform. Enrol now to be part of this experience on Auditing Information Systems!

* Prerequisite - ACCT221 Accounting Information Systems or IS304 Process Modelling & Solution Blueprinting or IS210 Business Process Analysis and Solutioning course.

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