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Dai Ming Min, Strategic Facilitator, Deloitte Greenhouse 

Curious to find out more? We speak to Dai Mingmin, an Auditor turned Deloitte Greenhouse strategic facilitator, as she brings us through her life at Greenhouse!

Q. What was your previous role and why did you decide to change your portfolio?

I started out as an Auditor at Deloitte Singapore for 2.5 years. It was my first job as I majored in Accountancy back in school. Having gained experience working with clients, I realised I enjoyed the client-facing aspect of the job and wanted a role that could expose me further to that.

It has been a great experience so far because there is so much to learn. At the same time, I am still very grateful to be given this opportunity to explore my area of interests within Deloitte.

Q. Can you tell us more about the Deloitte Greenhouse and your role?

At the Deloitte Greenhouse, we aim to provide a differentiated experience to our clients the moment they step into our space. We think of ways to take them out of the ordinary and into a consciously-designed environment of emerging technologies and immersive visuals.

I started my first role at the Deloitte Greenhouse as the programme lead for Business Chemistry in Asia Pacific, delivering the programme to our clients and helped in training and certifying our very own people as well!

Recently, I was given the chance to expand my role to lead a programme called The Deloitte CXO Transition Lab, a personalised and exclusive one-day experience to help C-suites get clarity on both their personal priorities and those of their executive teams. In this new role, I am part of the team that designs and conducts targeted research for the Lab.

Each Lab is tailored to the C-suite and he/she will work with our facilitators and partners, depending on the nature of the Lab.

I am looking forward to the new role as it would be an eye-opening experience working with some of the top minds of the organisations.

Q. Can you share some interesting projects at Greenhouse?

The most memorable session was my first experience being in charge of an Innovation Lab for a client in the sports industry. My role was to transform the environment into a sports setting to stimulate the participants. We had decals of our national players, a variety of sports equipment and a running track, hoping to inspire ideas in their brainstorming process. It was truly a fun affair and the clients had great feedback for us!

Also, in 2016, we conducted our very first multi-client logistics innovation lab where we transformed the Deloitte Greenhouse into a warehouse for the participants! We overlay our sliding whiteboards with images of warehouse and the room had stacked carton boxes around, creating a logistics industry environment.

The third most interesting lab was for a client in the sports medicine industry where we had designated corners that were redecorated to a medical-related theme.

Q. Besides Greenhouse, what are some of your most memorable Deloitte experiences?

I was given opportunities to run the Audit Volunteer Programme in my previous role. Together with my peers from Deloitte, we represented the firm in 2014 and 2015 in an overseas volunteering programme and made a difference to more than 100 village children in Thailand by teaching them English and Chinese languages.

Q. Is there anything you wish to share with our readers at D.cisions?

Always be humble because learning is a life-long journey. Your real test begins when you enter the corporate world.


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