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Deloitte Accelerated Career Programme (ACP) – For Accountancy undergraduates and/or Audit ex-intern

The Deloitte Accelerated Career Programme (ACP) provides undergraduates the opportunity to fast track their careers. The programme allows you to fully immerse in the 6-months audit peaks (during your undergraduate final semester) and have the opportunity to work with experienced Audit seniors, managers and partners on engagements.

Before the start of any engagement, you will go through a series of comprehensive training programmes taught by our experienced managers and senior managers. Upon successful completion, you will join us as an Audit Associate Year 2 after graduation. The ACP gives you the opportunity to accelerate your career and be ahead of your peers in terms of the starting position upon graduation, as well as commanding a higher salary when you join us as permanent full-time employee.

The application to ACP is open to students who are in Year 1 or Year 2 of their studies. The programme will take place from January to May in the final year of your studies. Applications are open all year round. To apply for the programme, please contact Jasmine Tan or Michelle Koh.

The ACP has allowed me to challenge my limits and widen my technical knowledge quickly through a steep learning curve. I was able to learn what was needed from training and guidance from my managers and partners to fulfil the role of a senior within half the time I would take if I were on the usual track.

    - Jonathan Lin, Audit & Assurance Manager

The ACP further sharpened my interpersonal and leadership skills as I had to interact with people on a professional level and in away that you would never experience in the classroom. I was also given the opportunity for a lateral secondment in Risk Advisory where I had multiple engagements in areas of my interest such as IT Audit, which continually reinforced my core knowledge.

    - Roy Ng, Audit & Assurance Manager

Deloitte Accelerated Career Programme Track

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