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Decisions magazine - Issue 13

Whether you are starting your first job or trying to secure an internship at interviews, the way you dress and present yourself — your style of dress and personal grooming, is part of your personal brand that can help you differentiate yourself from others.

Here are 5 tips on how you can dress to make an impact and build a great personal brand at work.

#1: Go for fitted clothes

Understand and know your body type so that you find clothes that fit you well. It will give you just the right breathing space to feel comfortable and confident and make you look tidy and smart.

#2: Add a personal touch

Accessorise to make yourself stand out from the rest. Add your personal touch to your look but avoid overdoing it with loud items. A simple watch or necklace goes a long way.

#3: Be well-groomed

Your face is usually the first thing people look at so make sure to leave a good first impression. Appearing fresh, neat and polished in your personal grooming shows dedication and professonalism.

#4: Wear proper footwear

Wearing well-maintained and elegant shoes shows that you take pride in your appearance. Comfort should still be important and a good rule of thumb is to stick with neutral colours that complement your whole look.

#5: Have a positive attitude

Exhibiting a positive and confident attitude in the office completes your overall look. Wearing the right stuff does nothing unless you are able to pull it off with the right attitude.

Deloitte's new Work-Life Integration Programme

Launched on 1 July 2019, our new Work-Life Integration Programme, consisting three schemes, is designed to help our people better achieve work-life integration by empowering and providing them with the flexibility to make choices that benefit them the most.

1) Flexi-dress scheme:
A smart-casual dress code every day of the week that allows our people to express their own unique personalities in the way they dress while maintaining a professional image in front of their clients and external business partners.

2) Flexi-leave scheme:
No fixed number of days per year and leave types are streamlined to give our people the flexibility to manage their time and personal interests.

3) Flexi-work scheme:
Gives flexibility for our people to customise their work arrangements through (1) work from home; (2) flexible working hours; and (3) reduced work portfolio policies.

Decision Magazine Issue 13

In issue 13, Czech out our Deloitte Singapore football teams – they competed in the 16th inter-Deloitte football tournament in Prague! Hear from Deloitte Clients & Markets Manager Steffi Goh about her once-in-a lifetime experience pursuing her MBA at the University of Oxford! Also, our interns give advice on how you can excel in your internship, and our newly promoted partners share pearls of wisdom on how you can rise to the top. Are you interested in working overseas and travelling around the world? Discover the international experiences and fond memories gathered by our Global Mobility Programme participants who are currently seconded to Paris, San Jose, Sydney and Melbourne. Lastly, explore some of our useful tips on how to dress to make an impact and succeed in your job interviews!

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