Top tips to excel at work

D.cisions magazine - Issue 9

Are you about to enter the workforce? We have some tips to get you started and help you excel at work!

#1: Have a positive attitude

Enter your job with a positive attitude and positive thinking as it can help you become more productive and successful. Remember to show gratitude and give a sincere thank you to everyone who has taken their time and effort to help and guide you. Go the extra mile to help others with a good attitude too! An attitude of positivity and gratitude will help you go a long way. Keep a smile on your face!

#2: Keep learning

Stay humble and be willing and open to learn. Heed advice and solicit regular feedback from your seniors and managers so that you can keep improving on your work. Learn from your mistakes if you make them. Take notes in meetings so that you can address all the questions and points mentioned, and also after conversations when instructions were given to you.

#3: Take on challenges

Be prepared for a steep learning curve: don’t shy away from challenges and take them on as these opportunities will not only help you learn the ropes and be able to perform daily tasks efficiently, they will also help you shine when you accomplish them. This will help you make a great impression with your employer and you can be assigned bigger projects and roles down the road.

#4: Manage your time well

Prioritise your daily and weekly tasks by identifying the most important and urgent ones to do first. Stay focused on one task at hand and immerse yourself in it. Allocate time to work on each task so that it will push you to be more efficient. Good time management skills will make every day a success and develop a valuable soft skill to have for life.

#5: Have fun!

Having fun at work, why not? Remind yourself the reason for joining or interning at the firm and find aspects of the work that you like being part of. Keep a look-out for events and activities organised by the firm and participate in them actively. These are the times when you will get the opportunity to mingle with people from other departments in a casual setting and have plenty of fun at the same time!

#6: Build relationships

Get to know as many people as possible in the organisation and make the effort to cultivate and sustain relationships. A strong professional network will be handy in time to come. Forging new friendships will also make you have an enjoyable time at the workplace. Connect with your mentors who will help guide you in your career path and provide advice to your development.

In issue 9, discover the journey of Deloitte Audit Partner Haridas Kanagasabai – the first SMU Accountancy graduate to make partnership in the Big Four. Learn the secrets to success shared by our ex-interns on their unique internship experiences. In addition, Deloitte continues to make an impact with its largest ever charity event, as well as a series of CSR activities in August 2017.

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