Feature Stories


  • Aspire to Inspire
    We speak to Cavyn Chong, Singapore Management University Accountancy (SMU) student and recipient of the Deloitte Inspire Award. In October 2019, his team came in as the first runner-up in the Asia Private Equity Club SMU Venture Capital Case competition.
  • Foo Say Kian Tips for success
    Want to get a head start in your future and make the most out of your undergraduate journey? Mentors can help you map out the career path you want to take, and prepare you for the journey. We share with you 5 tips on how you can start to find a mentor!
  • Cybersecurity – Elizabeth Han
    Have you ever wondered about the people behind the scenes who are keeping our information and data safe and secure from cybercrimes? Elizabeth Han, Deloitte Risk Advisory Security Analyst, is one of them! She shares insights about her job as the cyber gatekeeper of confidential information.
  • SEA Innovation Day
    Deloitte Southeast Asia (SEA) Innovation Day is an initiative held across six countries in SEA that aims to encourage and inspire our people to be creative and curious and integrate innovation into their work.
  • Deloitte University Asia Pacific (DUAP)
    At Deloitte, learning never stops! We are committed to developing leaders at every level of the organisation. Opened in June 2016, Deloitte University Asia Pacific (DU AP) has since delivered various learning and leadership workshops and seminars for our talent at all levels.
  • Giving from the heart
    Ang Ke Qin, a consultant at Deloitte Digital shares with us her recent volunteering journey with Deloitte.
  • Impact day
    On 2 August, over 500 Deloitte volunteers spread out across our sunny island, committing their time and effort to various causes during our annual Impact Day! Here are some of the activities our volunteers took part in that made an impact to the Singapore community.
  • Steffi Goh
    Find out more about Steffi's once-in-a-lifetime experience as she pursued her MBA at University of Oxford.
  • International Women’s Day
    This year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) theme was #BalanceforBetter and it was a fun day for everyone as they participated in our exciting line-up of activities!
  • Sabelle Kee learns life lessons through her sport
    Sabelle Kee makes waves at the SEA Games waterski competitions and shares with us her what she has learnt through her sport.
  • Where borders don’t exist
    Are you interested in working overseas and travelling around the world? With a global network of member firms in more than 150 countries, borders don’t exist at Deloitte.
  • Jay-Hykel Jailani
    In the spotlight with Clients & Markets 2018 & 2019 intern and National Rugby player Jay-Hykel Jailani.
  • Futsal teams make impressive return to Deloitte Prague Cup
    Our Deloitte Singapore men's and women's soccer teams made an impressive return at the 16th inter-Deloitte football tournament in Prague. Czech it out!
  • Wellness from the inside out
    Wellness Week is one week we dedicate every year for our people to learn more about their well-being and get active through talks, workshops and roadshows.
  • Discover new horizons – APAC mobility opportunities
    With the formation of Deloitte Asia Pacific, Deloitte Southeast Asia is able to leverage the strength of the larger firm and capitalise on greater opportunities for our people to gain cross-border experience by working across industries, businesses and geographies.
  • When the going gets tough, the tough get going! – Seng Boon Hock
    Seng Boon Hock was born with cerebral palsy. He shares with us how he overcomes adversity to emerge stronger each time, and his belief that the only limitation is yourself.
  • Be a Jetsetter Today!
    Want to satisfy your wanderlust by working overseas, and pick up global knowledge and industry skills at the same time? Apply to join the Young Talent Programme (YTP) today!
  • Living the dream at the Asian Games
    One of our Deloitte Singapore Scholar & Team Singapore Sailor, Amanda Ng, shared with us the exciting highlights of her experiences while living the dream at the Asian Games!
  • My Deloitte intern Experience – A graceful workplace – Evvie Soh
    Evvie Soh, from the National University of Singapore, became our Deloitte Singapore Scholar and Student Ambassador in 2017. She is currently a Year 2 Accountancy student and is set to join Deloitte Singapore in 2020 when she graduates.
  • My Deloitte intern rhapsody
    In the spotlight with our Deloitte Summer Intern, Deloitte Ambassador 2017 and Team Singapore Floorballer Amanda Yeap
  • Take a step into a whole new world
    Let our Audit & Assurance colleagues Lynette Leong and Nuur Fatihha Yusoff bring you to their new homes in New York and San Francisco respectively and share their overseas work experiences with you while on our Global Mobility Programme.
  • Deloitte Audit Partner Aw Xin-Pei’s journey to success
    Deloitte Audit Partner Aw Xin-Pei is the second person from the pioneer batch of the SMU School of Accountancy to make partnership among the Big Four firms. Find out his secrets to success for undergraduates.
  • Tuned in to Tax with Deloitte's Phua Kuan Hua
    Deloitte's Phua Kuan Hua, shares his passion for tax and the violin!das
  • Deloitte Audit Partner Haridas ‘Das’ Kanagasabai making waves
    The journey of Deloitte Audit Partner Haridas Kanagasabai - the first SMU Accountancy graduate to make partnership in the Big Four 
  • Secrets to success: Lew Quan Yi
    What is it like to intern at Deloitte? Our ex-intern Lew Quan Yi share with us his unique internship experiences and his top tips for success. 
  • Secrets to success: Chua Chia Ying
    What is it like to intern at Deloitte? Our ex-intern Chua Chia Ying share with us her unique internship experiences and her top tips for success. 
  • Secrets to Success: Desmond Lee
    Hear from our Tax Associate how he landed three internships at Deloitte as a student!
  • Secrets to Success: Michelle Tan Hua Hui
    Michelle Tan shares with readers more about her 1 year hiatus from work to relocate to London for her Masters. Read on to find out more about her eye-opening experience.
  • Secrets to Success: Lee Kai Yang
    29th SEA Games Water polo champion, Deloitte Student Ambassador, Deloitte Inspire Winner 2016 and Summer Intern of 2016 and 2017 – Hear how Kai Yang does it all, and manage to stay positive and upbeat about his outlook on life!
  • The Accidental Accountant
    Deloitte Southeast Asia and Singapore’s CEO, Philip Yuen, shares more about his life story and what Deloitte means to him.
  • Audit Partner Ghamazy Rashid found the loves of his life at Deloitte
    Check out how our Audit Partner Ghamazy Rashid found the loves of his life at Deloitte.
  • Fast track your career through the Deloitte Accelerated Career Programme
    Hear from our past batches of ACP participants, Audit Senior Associates Roy Ng, Jonathan Lin and Lan Ruixian, about how they have benefited from ACP and why you should take it up.
  • Deloitte Student Ambassador
    Deloitte Student Ambassador from NTU and Summer Intern 2015 Jelaine Yong shared her internship experience and her secrets to success.
  • Top 3 Deloitte Mobility Destinations
    Let’s fly to our top 3 Deloitte Mobility Programme destinations and hear what some of our Global Mobility Programme secondees – Karene, Kok Seng and Tania – have to say about living it up overseas!
  • Deloitte Staff Derek Wong
    Hear from our Deloitte Staff Derek Wong - a Commonwealth Games Medalist and a two-time Olympian, about how he has benefited from Deloitte Ignite Programme and why you should take it up.
  • Deloitte Student Ambassador Rayna Lee
    Deloitte Student Ambassador and Summer Intern 2015 and 2016 Rayna Lee shared her second internship experience at Deloitte Singapore.
  • My life journey to success
    Our Tax Partner Lee Siew Ying shares her biggest motivator at Deloitte and the defining moments that has guided her path to success.
  • The world is your oyster
    Do you aspire to work overseas and travel around the globe? As the world becomes increasingly borderless in both the business world and the societies we live in, overseas assignments have become an important component of career progression and a key opportunity for personal and professional development. To cater to the aspirations of talent to work abroad and explore the world, Deloitte offers a wide range of mobility programmes to develop our people - one of which is the Deloitte Global Mobility Programme (GMP).
  • My journey to success
    Joshua Yan, now an FSI Audit partner in Deloitte Singapore, enjoyed a rapid rise through the ranks of the firm. We asked him to share with us the key moments of his Life Journey that got him where he is today...
  • Top tips for successful graduates
    Are you at the stage where you’ll soon be graduating and hoping you’ll make the right career choice? Hoping you’ll find the right role that suits you? In this article, our staff share with you their top tips and advice to help you make that right choice in terms of choosing your employer and make the successful leap from graduate to top talents just like them.
  • My Deloitte internship experience
    4 of our ex-interns share their Deloitte internship experience and advice.
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