Gym recommendations in the CBD

D.cisions magazine - Issue 2

Are you too fit to quit? Our staff recommends the top 3 gyms in the CBD area for you to work out and stay fit!

#1: Fitness First

Recommended by Brynner Loke, Deloitte Tax Senior and Deloitte Dragon boat captain

“With a few outlets located around the CBD area, its convenience is appealing to people working in the area like me. I have been visiting the recently-opened branch at 100AM Shopping Centre near the office about 3 to 4 times a week. There are attractive corporate rates available for Deloitte employees (I pay $150 per month for my package). One is spoilt for choice on what workout to do as the gym boasts so many types of equipment and classes for working executives from all walks of life to join. Spin, Yoga, Zumba, Body pump, Body balance, group exercises and more. You even get access to the Amara Hotel pool if you would like a tan or swim. There is also a steam room in the changing area and a members’ corner which provides complementary drinks like coffee, tea, other dispenser drinks, as well as computers and newspapers for members to rest and relax before, in between or after a workout. They also have a smaller gym in Capital Tower, a 5 minute walk from the office.”


Recommended by Tian Chuan Yew, Deloitte Tax Senior Manager

“To maintain my fitness level, I visit the gym at Fitness First at least twice a week. Although Fitness First is a bit pricey, it is really worth it. The clubs are spacious and brightly lit, and their equipment and facilities are generally better than the others that I have been to too. Plus the great music they play and strategically-placed digital clocks (so you can track your rest time) instead of analog ones – yes, it’s the details that count. Most of their clubs also provide work-out attire and towels, so if on a whim, you feel like breaking out into a sweat or go for a yoga class, you can do so! Oh, and the One Raffles Quay outlet offers a view of the Marina Bay Sands area and the Marina Bay Financial Centre outlet has the best sea-view.”

#2: True Fitness

Recommended by Teo Zhihao, Deloitte Audit Associate

“I go to True Fitness 2 to 3 times a week and in times when I want to be extra hard-working by working late and still maintain my fitness, I will take a short break from work and head to the gym for a 1 to 1.5 hours of workout. I visit the nearby branch at Chevron house which is a 15-minute walk away from the Deloitte Office and also another one at Suntec City Mall. I chose True Fitness as it is cheaper than other gyms like Fitness First. Their equipment is well-maintained for use and they have a variety of classes for different levels. There are 4 main category of classes: Aerobics, Spinning (Cycling), Yoga and Dance. Within each category, there are lots of different classes targeted at different levels and body parts. There is an introduction of new classes every now and then and the classes are in groups. Group exercise is one of the most effective ways to keep in shape. Members can help to push one another and most importantly, you can go with your friends who will keep you motivated! For those who like to swim, the facilities at Suntec City Mall include the use of the swimming pool at Suntec City Mall which is located 1 level above the gym. The $70 package that I pay per month, for a period of 3 years, include the use of all True Fitness gyms in Singapore, the classes and access to swimming pools.”

#3: Vivafit (Women Only Gym)

Recommended by Goh Jo-Lin, Deloitte Audit Senior

“I exercise at Vivafit at Tanjong Pagar (near Tanjong Pagar Market). The activities at Vivafit fit into my busy schedule and they also provide very personalized services. On the first visit, they will provide a fitness test where they measure your height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, etc. They helped me set a realistic fitness goal and monitor them closely. After every workout, they will revisit the fitness goal, updating me of my progress thus far. If I skip training or lessons, they will actually call to check in on me. This reminds me to work out and keep fit even during the busy peak period. They have a 30-minute power circuit training that I can squeeze in before going to work or during lunch break. The 30-minute work-out combines hydraulic machines and recovery platform and the staff will guide you on how to use them. Sometimes, I will opt for fun classes like Pilates or Zumba. After a quick and efficient workout, I am all recharged, refreshed and ready to get to my daily routine. Did I mention that it is also a woman-only gym? No more sweaty muscle men that intimidate me at the weights or bench press area! I feel very much comfortable and at ease at Vivafit. The price worked out to be around $95 a month with a commitment period of 12 months/24 months. Fret not, there are always promotions on Groupon such as $38 for a month of unlimited circuit training and classes at Vivafit. You can start off by signing up for a 3-classes trial at only $49 today!”

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