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10 Moves to make moments matter

Decisions magazine – Issue 14

Has someone ever made a difference in your life and created a memorable moment? Do you remember how you felt in that moment? Something happened that evoked an emotional reaction in you. There are everyday moments around you in which you can respond to or create to improve your relationships and enrich each interaction.

At Deloitte, we are in the business of relationships and we aim to create Moments that Matter and exceptional experiences that spark deep relationships and generate lasting value for our clients and our people. It’s not just about “what” we do, but “how” we do it.

Apply and practice these 10 moves as part of the Deloitte-developed methodology to your student life as well as during your internship. Make the right moves to elevate an ordinary moment to a moment that matters.

  1. Walk in their shoes

    Put yourself in the other person’s situation. What are they dealing with and how are they viewing the situation? How can you empathise with others?

  2. Show up

    Be there for a person, especially in times of trouble. When your classmate or colleague needs help, go to them prepared, listen actively, remove distraction and stay focused.

  3. Tailor it

    Adapt yourself to the situation or the specific person and customise each experience to find a true fit.

  4. Change the lens

    Look at the situation from a different perspective. Outside in, instead of inside out.

  5. Bring a point of view

    What is your perspective that can add value to others? We don’t want to be giving them information that they can Google. They want to know the impact on them.

  6. Work it together

    Come together and support someone to develop a solution especially when it comes to group work. Instead of asking someone to do something they can’t do, sit down together and with everyone’s different strengths, divide and develop the work together.

  7. Suspend self-interest

    Don’t think of only what you want or how you would benefit from the situation, but think about what would be the best outcome if we could get to where the goal is.

  8. Own it

    Be accountable, take responsibility even if you have to admit to a mistake. Own the problem, solution and the message.

  9. Say what no one else will

    Sometimes straight talk is highly valued. Remember to do your homework first, brace yourself and your classmate or colleague, and deliver with sensitivity.

  10. Up their game

    Help others to up their game. You can use this particularly during conversations with your group mates and colleagues – how can you help them achieve the next level? Focus on helping them see key growth opportunities, the big picture and what they need to take the next step.

Decision Magazine Issue 14

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