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Roger Tan – From Auditor to Consultant

Decisions magazine – Issue 14

From Auditor to Consultant

We speak to Roger Tan, Deloitte Consultant, to find out how he journeyed from being an Auditor to a Consultant, Roger was a Deloitte Scholar and Deloitte Student Ambassador, and completed a double internship in Audit & Assurance and Tax & Legal before joining Deloitte full-time.

What made you decide to switch career path?

I was a senior associate in Audit before transferring to Consulting. It was not an overnight decision, but more of a process of learning and developing during my time in Audit that led me to realise the new path of interest that I would like to pursue. 

Tell us more about your role in Deloitte Consulting.

I am currently in Deloitte Consulting’s Finance & Enterprise Performance Offering as a Business Analyst. I provide support to my managers and partners on projects through the analysis of data, and generation of insights and solutions.

What are the main differences between a consultant and an auditor?

The main difference would be the fundamental nature of the engagements. Audit largely focuses on regulatory compliance from the audit of financial statements, whereas consulting engagements cover a larger spectrum of offerings, such as strategy development, merger & acquisitions, digital transformation, finance transformation and operations transformation.

How did this switch become possible?

Deloitte constantly provides opportunities for internal mobility to better align development aspirations of its people. In my case, the process began with a request to Deloitte’s Audit Talent team after I realised my interest in the field of consulting, and it became possible with the career guidance and support from our Audit Talent Partner and Manager, and Consulting Partners and Managers.

Do you have any advice to share with those who are considering a career switch?

I believe that taking the first step to initiate change and connecting with people from both fields to understand the profession from their view point is more important to make an informed decision. 

Decision Magazine Issue 14

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