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Rising to the top – secrets to success from our new partners

Decisions magazine - Issue 13

Work-life balance is key. You will need to recharge to continue building on what you have achieved. Differentiate yourself, create your personal brand and deliver identifiable value and impact to your team and clients.

- Tan Wei Cheong

Be a team player and never be satisfied with status quo. Always look for a way to do things better. Be humble, challenge yourself, and don’t be afraid to explore different paths and explore your interests.

- Cheryl Lim

There are no secrets to success actually. It is hard work. Agility in thinking, an open mindset and strong analytical skills will also be highly sought-after by employers in the future.

- Vivian Tan

Have a positive attitude and aptitude towards learning. Seek opportunities to polish your problem-solving skills and soft skills when working in a team. Be comfortable with stepping out of your comfort zone to try new things.

- Avik Bose

Work harder as well as smarter. Thinking about what you want to do and how you want to achieve your objectives is as important as working hard for it. There are no substitutes for these. Be people-oriented and goal-oriented – you depend on your teammates to achieve your goals, take care of them and they will take care of you.

- Jason Seng

Decision Magazine Issue 13

In issue 13, Czech out our Deloitte Singapore football teams – they competed in the 16th inter-Deloitte football tournament in Prague! Hear from Deloitte Clients & Markets Manager Steffi Goh about her once-in-a lifetime experience pursuing her MBA at the University of Oxford! Also, our interns give advice on how you can excel in your internship, and our newly promoted partners share pearls of wisdom on how you can rise to the top. Are you interested in working overseas and travelling around the world? Discover the international experiences and fond memories gathered by our Global Mobility Programme participants who are currently seconded to Paris, San Jose, Sydney and Melbourne. Lastly, explore some of our useful tips on how to dress to make an impact and succeed in your job interviews!

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