Get jamming with our first ever Deloitte band, The Shenton Way!

D.cisions magazine – Issue 9

Get jamming with our first ever Deloitte band 'The Shenton Way'!

 There are so many musical talents in Deloitte and I am just so lucky to be the one to lead the band and play with them. It feels good to listen to other people playing and to play together as a band.”

– Johnny Zhao (Audit & Assurance Associate), Guitarist and band leader.


I have been playing the bass for 20 years! I once played at a local music festival with my high school grunge band where I stage dived and no one caught me! Thankfully I landed on grass.

– Amer Iqbal (Consulting Director), Bassist.

I started playing the drums around the age of 15, when my group of friends decided to try it out at a fancy studio near my high school. I love it most when the beat kicks in at the right time and when I am building the momentum of the song.

– Fu Ching Xiong (Financial Advisory Assistant Manager), Drummer.

I love jamming and grooving with like-minded people who enjoy expressing themselves through music. The way creativity and energy flows when everyone gets together just feels too good! I’m looking forward to practice sessions every week, being on stage again, and making people enjoy our music during the year-end party!

– Ryan Teo (Audit and Assurance Senior), Keyboardist.


  • International Accountants Day
  • AGM Party
  • Deloitte 50th anniversary birthday bash
  • NTU NBS Career Day

In issue 9, discover the journey of Deloitte Audit Partner Haridas Kanagasabai – the first SMU Accountancy graduate to make partnership in the Big Four. Learn the secrets to success shared by our ex-interns on their unique internship experiences. In addition, Deloitte continues to make an impact with its largest ever charity event, as well as a series of CSR activities in August 2017.

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