Top resumé tips that will make you shine

D.cisions magazine - Issue 2

Are you ready to apply for your internship and want to secure the position at Deloitte that you really want? This article shares the top resumé tips that will make you shine.

• Always tailor your resume when applying for different job positions. It should reflect the skills and competencies of the specific role you are applying for entails.

• List down your most recent qualification in reverse chronological order, including University, Junior College/Polytechnic. Name any scholarships achieved.

• Reflect your expected Year of Graduation so that employers can have an idea on when you can start work.

• Highlight relevant information and achievements during your course of study (be honest and authentic about it!). Any participation in research programmes can be added if it is relevant to the job that you are applying for.

• Flaunt your overseas study experience if you have got it! Employers like graduates who have been exposed to international experience and possess global skills.


• Internships are one of the top things to list down to show your work experience.

• Showcase any competencies you have developed while highlighting your achievements and contributions.

• Read the job description carefully, prioritise and focus on writing down the more important and relevant skills acquired information/description.

• Leave out the work experience that is unrelated to the prospective job.

• Use action verbs and quantify your achievements wherever possible. Prove your competencies through results.

• Remember to state all the transferable soft skills that employers are looking out for.

• Each point should not exceed more than 3 lines.

• Share with us what makes you an all-rounder besides your academic achievements.

• Include activities that show leadership skills and other qualities you think employers would find valuable e.g. team player, project management skills.

• Display your differentiating factor through your CCAs, but do not overload your resume with CCAs. It is not meant to be exhaustive.

• What else makes you different? Be it your sports, hobbies, interests, community projects and skills! This will help you stand out and grab the attention of employers who will be looking through hundreds of resumes.

• Proofread your resume to ensure that you do not have any spelling, grammatical errors or typing errors.

• When submitting your resume, convert it to pdf format so that the formatting doesn’t run, but pay attention to the specific file formats if given.

• Finally, ask yourself: Is your resume easy to read and does it look attractive? Ask for a reliable second opinion.

Top resumé tips that will make you shine!

Ready to apply and secure the Deloitte position that you really want? Check out the top resume tips that will make you shine!

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