Top tips for defining your internship experience

D.cisions magazine - Issue 2

#1 Maintain a positive attitude

Carry optimism and show a genuine interest and eagerness to learn. Be motivated to excel and take the initiative to look for work when you have completed your tasks. When faced with challenges, maintain a positive attitude, ask around for advice and take steps to overcome them.

#2 Do your homework and ask when in doubt

Be proactive in self-learning and acquiring useful information. Doing research like the company’s culture, history, industry, buzzwords, and knowing what your colleagues do, will make you more knowledgeable and confident as a start. Be inquisitive. If you come across things that you are uncertain of, do not be shy, afraid or hesitant to ask your bosses and colleagues.

#3 Go the extra mile

Be a team player and show your commitment to help the team out whenever the need arises. Show a willingness to input the extra hours needed to get the tasks completed well and to meet all the stipulated deadlines. This will help you stand out during your internship and prove to your employer that you are committed to doing a really good job and are an asset to the team!

#4 Build relationships

Do not neglect the importance of networking, making connections and establishing relationships with your co-workers and bosses. You never know who you may be working with in the future, or who could even help recommend you for a job. Attend networking events and talk to people as this can expand your knowledge, gain insights and even open up some potential job ideas that you might not have thought about for your career! Make a good lasting impression so people will remember you.

#5 Join social events

Outside of work, join firm-wide social activities and team bonding sessions as much as possible – these are all informal platforms that allow you to really get to know people and your colleagues better beyond the desk and, of course, to make new friends. In fact, forging invaluable friendships and strong bonds through social events is one of the greatest takeaways for many interns! Meeting people from your work environment also gives you a feel of the culture of the company and can help you decide if you would like to start your career with this firm.

#6 Be professional

Whether it’s about punctuality or how you communicate and dress, professionalism is a huge thing. Don’t take extended lunch breaks or spend too much time on social media during work. Stay focused at work and make the most of the time you are there to develop your skills.

#7 Make an impact

Treat your internship seriously and find ways that you can contribute and make a positive impact in the organisation at any level, be it small or big. Remember that it’s your time to shine and it’s up to you to make the most of the opportunities available and define your internship experience!

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