Top tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

D.cisions magazine - Issue 5

Did you know that many employers are not only screening hardcopies CVs but also looking at your digital footprints in an increasingly digital world? Your social media profiles may form part of your overall portrait – so it’s time to get professional and make the most of a LinkedIn account.

Whether you are a final year student or a fresh graduate, LinkedIn is a great way to showcase your skills and connect with professionals and explore job possibilities. Here are some tips to get your LinkedIn profile ready and make it stand out to attract potential employers to your doorstep!

Tip #1: Upload an appropriate photo

Find or take a high resolution photo of yourself. It could be very easily taken with your mobile phone. Wear a business top and stand in front of a plain background, and put on your best smile! 

A LinkedIn page with a profile picture tend to get 14 times more views than those without.

Tip #2: Update your profile

Fill up all sections of the profile and make it clear and detailed. A detailed profile is stronger because it provides your potential employers with a comprehensive view and impression of who you are. 

It is important to regularly update your profile because you never know who is viewing your profile and when they might be searching for a prospective employee.


Tip #3: Keyword optimise your LinkedIn profile

Use targeted and relevant keywords as it would increase the visibility of your profile. 

Think of keywords as words and phrases that the recruiter might actually search for, along with the variations you think might work. One of the easiest ways to find critical keywords would be to browse through job postings. Take note of the unique, job-specific words and the most frequently used terms in both the job descriptions and requirements. Those are the keywords most likely used by employers and recruiters to find qualified job candidates. 

Weave these keywords into your Job Titles, Headlines, Skills and Summary section to increase visitor traffic to your LinkedIn profile.


Tip #4: Make your profile public

Public LinkedIn profiles allow you to generate views from a broader audience whether you are connected to them or not. You can make your LinkedIn profile public under the privacy setting tab and may edit what the general public can view on your LinkedIn profile


Tip #5: Customise your own unique LinkedIn URL

Create your own customised LinkedIn profile URL, instead of a string of randomized numbers and alphabets, in order to easily share your LinkedIn profile and brand yourself. Your own customised LinkedIn profile allows you to differentiate yourself from all the other LinkedIn users, especially from those with the same name.

Tip #6: Think of LinkedIn as a learning portal

Besides being a platform for job seekers, LinkedIn is also a great place to gain exposure to global perspectives and insights. From group discussions to interesting content generated by your connections, LinkedIn benefits job seekers and is a powerful platform for those who are looking to learn, gain industry and business insights. Follow company pages and join groups to learn about the latest updates and developments. Participating in LinkedIn groups allows you to engage with subject matter experts and business. Be an active member sharing content and posting discussion topics, and you may very well get the attention of some recruiters.

Tip #7: Add a portfolio to your profile

With the introduction of a ‘professional portfolio’ by LinkedIn, you can now easily share visual content on your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your capabilities more than what CVs ever could. From portfolio pieces to presentations to videos, you can now display your work on your profile by importing the content from a webpage or upload your favourite work pieces straight from your computer. Instead of telling potential employers what you can do, display your work and let it speak for itself. But make sure you are allowed to show the information publically and any confidential materials should be excluded


D.cisions is our quarterly magazine which provides undergraduates with tips, advice and success stories to help them take their first crucial step in making the right choice for themselves, in terms of choosing their employer - one where they will fit in and aligned to their values, interests and priorities. 

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