AML Accelerate: Conversation with Tim Phillipps and Anthony Quinn

World's first on-demand AML Advisory

Anthony Quinn is passionate about Regulatory Technology (RegTech)and developing new innovative solutions to tackle financial crime. He is the CEO of Arctic Intelligence, one of the leading RegTech players in Australia.

In this conversation, Tim Phillipps, Deloitte’s Asia Pacific Financial Crime Network Leader and Anthony Quinn discuss the strategic global partnership with Deloitte who have been appointed to provide on-demand AML Advisory, the first ever Anti Money Laundering/Counter Terrorist Financing (AML/CFT) compliance of its type in the world.

1. Anthony, tell us more about AML Accelerate and what we can expect from this new service?

We are extremely excited about providing organisations a platform to accelerate their AML/CFT compliance efforts – a critical need in the regulatory and business landscape today.

With AML Accelerate, we worked with industry experts to design a structured approach to assess risks from Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing by creating the foundational and mandatory documents required to be AML/CFT compliant. Now that we have partnered with Deloitte, the world’s leading Global Forensics and Dispute Advisory Services, to provide globally exclusive on-demand advisory, we can create a future where organisations can understand their risks, and have AML expertise on tap – it will really save organisations time and money. [Watch an overview of the solution here].

2. Tim, why do you think AML Accelerate is important? How will this partnership make an impact to the industry?

Advances in RegTech often lead to more agile and comprehensive approaches than traditional manual methods when it comes to addressing these risks. What AML Accelerate has built is an innovative platform that focuses more on the institutional response, and its promised efficiency and effectiveness will delight shareholders and customers with both profit and protection.

We see great value in RegTech as it is a large part of the answer to strengthen and enhance the defences of institutions today who are dealing with the threat of financial crime. We are very excited to kick off with AML Accelerate that will raise the bar in regulatory compliance.  


Through AML Accelerate, Deloitte as an Adviser Partner provides clients up to 3-hours of video conference calls with one of our hand-picked AML experts, who will guide clients in the entire process to complete their money laundering risk assessment and obtain a compliant AML/CFT Programme Manual.

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