Financial crime


Financial crime

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An increasing reliance on remote electronic accounting and banking systems has contributed to an increase in the misappropriation of funds through identity theft and other schemes. Sophisticated criminals use more and more complex financial vehicles to conceal the location and source of misappropriated assets. From fraud to electronic crime, from money laundering to bribery and corruption, from market abuse and insider dealing to sanctions – all of these forms of financial crime are on the rise and share a common denominator: money.

Deloitte recognises that financial crime is a stay-awake issue for corporate directors and C-suite executives as the risks they face of actual bribery and fraud continue to accelerate. These risks are driven by tightening regulation, growing demands by customers for integrity in firms’ financial dealings, increasing criminal sophistication, access to new and emerging technologies, social networks and economic and political turmoil.

Financial Crime Strategy Conferences

In March 2014, Deloitte held the first of its Financial Crime Strategy conferences in Singapore. Since then, Asia Pacific focused conferences have been held in Jakarta, Hong Kong, Sydney and Brisbane.

These interactive conferences brought together senior risk and compliance professionals from across industry where discussion was focused on:

  • Global and regional financial crime environment
  • Current regulatory landscape and industry standards
  • Benchmarking and assessing current strategies against best-practice solutions
  • Harnessing customer information and analytics to improve responses to threats
  • Embedding the right people, processes, governance and technology for a holistic strategy

You can view the report from the Singapore, Jakarta and Hong Kong events.

Financial Crime Strategy

Contact our APAC financial crime leadership team to discuss how Deloitte can partner with your organisation to address the financial crime challenge in a holistic, effective way.

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