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CFO Surveys

Think Ahead

The SEA CFO Survey tracks the latest thoughts and actions of elite Southeast Asian CFOs. This “pulse survey” is a mechanism that provides CFOs a means for them to check their thinking against that of their peers on the top issues keeping them awake at night.

The CFO as the Talent Champion

This is our 3rd Deloitte SEA CFO Survey ‘The CFO as the Talent Champion’, designed exclusively for CFOs of leading businesses in Southeast Asia.

In this report, we explored the performance and capability gaps of talent in the Finance functions and in the overall organisations in the region, and it is found that 64% of CFOs are less than confident that their organisations have the talent required to meet their business objectives.

Coupled with the market uncertainties and the war for talent, our study shows that there is a need to align the goals and priorities of CFOs, management and the HR function, and build towards a common talent agenda for the organisation.

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The CFO as the Talent Champion

Past surveys

Riding the SEA Growth Wave

This survey revealed that it is essential for CFOs to step up as a business partner to drive growth and performance, particularly in the ever-changing landscape of Southeast Asia.

Riding the SEA growth wave

Risk Redefined

The findings revealed that CFO involvement in risk management practices are being redefined in this region in order to keep up with increasing regulations and compliance requirements.

Risk Redefined

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