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Economics Advisory

In pursuit of economic prosperity, progressive organizations need future-focused advisors to help them navigate complexity and deliver positive impact.

Economics brings a robust approach to client problems by combining both an economic framework based on established theory, with evidence that populates that theory with information unique to the client’s problem. Economics is core to the beginning of the policy and strategy lifecycle (in terms of resource allocation and prioritization) as well as at the end of the cycle (in terms of evaluation and impact analysis).


About Economics Advisory

Deloitte’s Economics Advisory practice in Southeast Asia comprises a dedicated team of regionally-based economists with our Financial Advisory practice. Our team is part of Deloitte’s Global Economics Advisory network.

Governments and businesses are increasingly looking to evidence-based analysis to justify significant investment decisions, to design new public policies or respond to regulatory changes, and to better understand their businesses in an increasingly uncertain economic and policy climate. Economics provides us the tools for this analysis. Combining analytical foresight with commercial acumen, we shape strategy and policy that unlocks economic, financial and social value.

Our Economics Advisory practice combines global insights and local knowledge to help our clients navigate complexity and deliver positive impact. Our economic rigour comes with practical and commercial advise to help shape policy, deliver business insights and inform investment strategies.


Our service offerings

Our Economics Advisory practice offers a broad range of services and capabilities, including bespoke economic impact and contribution modelling and analysis, market assessment and demand forecasts, cost-benefit analysis, and other specialist research. We provide tailored advice to help our clients understand the implications of major decisions, navigate the complexities of policy change and make informed investment decisions.

Our focus is in four areas:

(1) Business Economics Advisory
(2) Public Policy
(3) Infrastructure
(4) Social Impact Advisory

Economics Advisory

Key contact

Keoy Soo Earn

Keoy Soo Earn

Deloitte Private Leader & Private Equity Leader, Southeast Asia

Soo Earn leads the Southeast Asia Deloitte Private & Private Equity practice. He has extensive deal experience in leading and supporting strategic and financial investors in their domestic and cross b... More