Deloitte at the FinTech Exhibition 2017

As a proud Grand Sponsor of this pre-eminent event, Deloitte was able to highlight the breadth and depth of our FinTech capabilities through live demonstrations of our proprietary Deloitte prototypes at the FinTech Exhibition from 14 to 16 November 2017 at the Singapore EXPO.

Over the three days, a steady stream of crowds visited our booth and learned more about the four proprietary demos Deloitte was showcasing at the booth. Invited guests from all over the world, gathered at the Deloitte booth on 16 November, the last day of the FinTech Exhibition, as Deloitte hosted a networking event.

Banking on voice assistants

Digital assistants represent a new channel for financial service institutions to engage with their customers. Deloitte developed a set of accelerators to rapidly design and build conversational experiences through Amazon Alexa and Google Home platforms.

Frank Insurance

Deloitte has reimagined how small and medium-sized businesses interact with their insurance companies. Frank insurance is a proprietary asset that could be used as a turnkey solution for offering a disruptive direct-to-insurer or broker-based SME offering.

Deloitte Open Banking Platform

Deloitte has implemented a market-leading banking platform to help our clients becoming more agile and simplifying the technology landscape. The platform enables banks to deploy new innovative, digital solutions at pace, providing support for new regulatory requirements and allows for flexible collaboration with the FinTech community.

Global Trade Finance Platform

Deloitte has reimagined how trade finance can operate leveraging a blockchain-based infrastructure to drive efficiencies, reduce cost base, and open up new revenue opportunities.

Deloitte’s booth at the FinTech Exhibition

Singapore FinTech Festival

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