FSI Seminar 2017


The rise of RegTech

Turning regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage

At Deloitte’s annual Financial Services Seminar, our financial services industry specialists discuss strategies and solutions to help financial institutions overcome the hurdles associated with adopting RegTech to solve their compliance challenges.

Surging compliance and regulatory costs are consistently cited as one of the 'top concerns' for financial services executives. Many CXOs across institutions are turning to digital technology to help their firms meet compliance requirements. And it’s not just hype. By harnessing the power of risk and regulatory technologies (RegTech)—which includes innovations such as artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and robotic process automation—financial services firms are boosting their risk management and compliance capabilities and quality while dramatically reducing the required time, cost, and effort.

RegTech might not sound particularly new or revolutionary – after all, financial services firms have been using technology to automate their processes for decades. However, the level of sophistication that is possible today—as well as the resulting impact and benefits—is much greater than in the past.

RegTech is already having a meaningful impact on regulatory compliance in financial services, and it’s still in its early stages. In a few years, RegTech will likely be the standard way of doing things, and today’s traditional labour-intensive processes will be nothing but a distant memory. Now is the time for financial institutions to get started. In doing so, they stand to gain competitive edge and drive operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, while meeting the highest compliance standards in an ever evolving regulatory landscape.

At Deloitte’s annual Financial Services Seminar, our financial services industry specialists discuss strategies and solutions to help financial institutions overcome the hurdles associated with adopting RegTech to solve their compliance challenges.

Managing conduct risk: Addressing drivers, restoring trust
Kevin Nixon, Lead Partner, Centre for Regulatory Strategy, Deloitte Global & APAC

Managing conduct risk

Responding to the conduct risk agenda:
Using analytics to prevent and detect inappropriate conduct

Mark Woodley, Lead Risk Analytics Partner, Deloitte Australia and Nicholas Brischetto, Account Director, Risk Analytics, Deloitte Australia

Responding to the conduct

Deconstructing Robotics Cognitive and Automation (RCA)
Christian Gilmour, RCA FSI Lead Partner, Deloitte Southeast Asia, Stuart Scotis, Automation, Analytics & Information Management Lead Partner, Deloitte Southeast Asia and Sridhar Rajan, RCA Subject Matter Expert, Deloitte Global with guest panelist, Andrew Creighton, Executive Director, APAC RPA Lead, UBS

If you would like the slides for the presentation on RCA, please contact sgindustries@deloitte.com.

Anti-Money Laundering and Tax Compliance:
Adapting to the changing environment

Radish Singh, Financial Crime Compliance Leader, Deloitte Southeast Asia and Michael Velten, Financial Services Tax Leader, Deloitte Asia Pacific

Anti-Money Laundering and Tax Compliance

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