Leadership development rewired


Leadership development rewired

Accelerating business results

​Great leaders are born and made, and people at all levels of the organization, not just the C-suite, have the ability to become effective leaders with the proper guidance and investment. Deloitte brings the power of science and a business-oriented approach to help organizations leverage their leadership investments. This includes advising organizations on how they can rewire their leadership development efforts to align with and support critical business priorities and change efforts.

Leadership development is a business capability

​The most effective organizations understand that leadership is like any other business-critical competency…like marketing, supply chain, or R&D.

They build leadership identification (determining who has potential) and leadership development (building a pipeline) into every aspect of the organization’s infrastructure, rewiring the entire leadership approach.

They use science and data to identify where and how they will invest, and their efforts are rooted in a clear and concise leadership framework.

At Deloitte we help companies build their leadership capability by answering these essential questions:

Business capability

Why now? A pressing, largely unmet need

​Leadership development is one of the most critical business issues facing organizations today. Over the past three years, C-suite executives have regularly rated it as one of their most pressing concerns in our Global Human Capital Trends research. But that doesn’t mean executives feel ready to handle it. In our 2016 Human Capital Trends survey, more than half of the executives who responded (54 percent) reported that their companies are not ready to meet their leadership needs. In fact only 6 percent said they feel “very ready” to meet their leadership needs.

Clearly traditional methods for leadership development are not working. At Deloitte we work with our clients to shift their efforts to the actions that can generate a virtually unparalleled return on investment.