CXO Innovation Strategy Lab

Our Innovation Strategy Lab is a 4- to 6-week-long journey to help you understand all the innovation trends and tactics to decide where to play and how to win.

Success Story

The client engaged Deloitte to perform a consultancy project with regards to embedding innovation in their businesscontext as part of a transformational journey.

The Deloitte team designed and institutionalize an innovation road map of crystallizing:

- An innovative strategy, in enabling their business vision through multiple factors of strategic thrusts. The play-to-win canvas entailed their business configurations towards creating an exponential organization.
- Human-centric design thinking lab sessions, in creating new business service and product prototypes through prioritizing surface opportunities interventions for scaled impact

The end journey was not only putting the client through a innovation business value roadmap of creating new business prototypes but embedding an innovation culture that puts the organization on an exciting road towards business scaling and pivoting.

CXO Innovation Strategy Lab