Analytics for the Singapore Government


Analytics for the Singapore Government

A journey into the future

Analytics provides the Singapore Government the opportunity to transform every aspect of their organization by imagining the future, while responsibly getting there from the realities of today.


A data-smart government

With an unprecedented amount of new information being created and shared every second, analytics will be a powerful force to transform data from gigabytes into powerful insights.

Insights from analytics not only enable the public sector to focus more on prevention instead of just reaction and remediation, they can also be a catalyst for governments to evaluate whether they are ready to embrace a future that should be very different from today.

Explore what is possible and what is probably to transform business operations and delivery in the public sector. Leverage the power of data-driven insights and prepare for the future.


Deloitte insights to get you started on your journey into the future

Predictive analytics in construction worksites: Safety first

From predicting crime rates to the risk of hospital re-admissions, the applications of predictive analytics are wide-ranging and far-reaching for many organisations across different industries. The predictive analytics model in this report gives you glimpse into the transformative potential of predictive analytics, by enabling the Ministry of Manpower to gain insight into some of the factors that increase the risk of worksite accidents in construction companies in Singapore.

Predictive analytics in construction worksites

Tech Trends 2016: Innovating in the digital era - A public sector perspective

This report provides a public sector perspective on Deloitte Consulting’s 2016 Technology Trends report and theme innovating in a digital era. Over the next 18-24 months, each of these eight trends has the potential to disrupt the way that public sector organizations think about operating and delivery models across functions and domains.

Tech Trends 2016

The last-mile problem: How data science and behavioral science can work together

If we want to act on data to get fit or reduce heating bills, we need to understand not just the analytics of the data, but how we make decisions.

The last-mile problem

Making sense of social data

We create data constantly, leaking information about our actions, whereabouts and characteristics. Increasingly, these data are stored, analyzed and put to use to understand us and our behaviors at an extraordinarily granular level — and forcing executives to rethink how they understand, reach and even influence their customers.

Making sense of social data

Looking to be an insight-driven organisation?

As the world becomes more data-driven, we understand that organizations need to implement analytics as a core part their strategy and decision-making. We can customise an Analytics Transformation Lab to get you started on your journey into the future. Contact Jason Ng to find out more.

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