Blue Strands Conference 2015

Launch of Deloitte Future Healthcare Centre of Excellence

The Blue Strands Conference was held at The Working Capitol on 26th November 2015. Helmed by Deloitte Southeast Asia’s Future Healthcare Centre of Excellence, this inaugural invite-only event gathered leaders, innovators and disruptors in the healthcare industry ranging from startups to Venture Capitals and to corporates including hospitals, pharmaceutical, medical device and insurance firms. The main objective of Blue Strands is to bring all these stakeholders together to start discussions, brainstorm ideas and develop business opportunities.

The event was a private, invite only health-tech congregation aimed to take the discussion around healthcare forward by bringing startups, Venture Capitals and Multinational corporations (eg. pharmaceutical, insurance, medical devices and hospitals) in the health tech and healthcare space together to start conversations and develop business opportunities.

Founder and Group CEO of Cordlike Ltd, Dr. Steven Fang, was Guest of Honor for the evening. He spoke about how Deloitte's Center of Excellence for the future of healthcare is a "good indication of the market need" and congratulated Deloitte on the traction it is receiving."

Attendees gave fantastic feedback and particularly complimented how the diverse mix of speakers and panelists covered the key stakeholders of the industry. The audience were glued to their seats and were engrossed with the valuable insight that they received.

Blue Strands stimulated the discussions that the industry has needed for the longest time to bring it forward. It was also the perfect venue to launch Deloitte's future healthcare center of excellence and showcase to the industry Deloitte's perspectives and how it can facilitate innovation, collaboration and progress for the healthcare industry.

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