Shortage of Cybersecurity Talents

Part 5

According to the estimates by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, cybercrime costs the global economy US$400 billion per year. With the escalating awareness and prominence of security breaches, securing physical and digital assets for the purpose of confidentiality, integrity and availability are a priority for every organisation. With the vital role cyber security professionals play in the business ecosystem, market demand for cyber security professionals is outpacing supply.


What are their roles and responsibilities?

  • Developing and designing enterprise security architecture
  • Monitoring and identifying threats in enterprise architecture
  • Conducting regular security assessment


Why are they important to organisations?

  • Most organisations face challenges in interpreting the detection or mitigation of cyber security threats
  • They develop and implement overarching processes


Why is there a shortage? 

  • As the skills of cyber attackers advances, cyber security professionals are more equipped than an IT professional to understand the tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Schools are still graduating cybersecurity majors and that means a lack of experience and exposure to realistic cyber attacks


What can you do?

  • Re-examine workforce strategies and improve recruitment outreach
  • Have a robust support program for new hires
  • Prioritise skills, knowledge, and willingness to learn when recruiting
  • Build a local cybersecurity ecosystem
  • Develop a strong culture of risk awareness
October 2017 Part 5: Shortage of Cybersecurity Talents


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