Deloitte ERS builds eminence in sustainability services


Deloitte ERS builds eminence in sustainability services

Business Growth through Sustainability Strategies

The ERS Business Innovation team organised a seminar titled, "Business Growth through Sustainability Strategies" on 4 November at the Deloitte Singapore office. Held to raise awareness about the importance of corporate sustainability, the team also took the opportunity to inform the participants about their service offerings in this area.

During the seminar, several Deloitte speakers spoke about how including sustainability initiatives as part of their business strategies can bring value for companies through brand enhancement, cost reduction, risk management, and business model innovation.

Shailesh Tyagi, Australia Sustainability Partner, delivered the opening address and spoke on the key considerations that businesses should have in their sustainability strategies, as well as the importance of addressing sustainability risks. He also shared trends and provided guidance in the area of Sustainability Reporting, which is currently a key concern among SGX-listed companies. According to SGX, listed companies will be expected to publish sustainability reports on a ‘comply-or-explain’ basis starting from Financial Year 2017.

Alicia Teng, Deloitte SEA Greenhouse Manager, was also invited to share about the Sustainability Lab offering, a specially designed workshop that uses interactive tools and unique methodologies to accelerate the development of sustainability strategies for companies. The final speaker was Rayson Ng, Deloitte SEA Sustainability Manager, who spoke about how carbon management which is the effort to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions, can unlock opportunities and create value for businesses. His presentation included case studies of companies that successfully employed carbon management as part of their overall sustainability programs.

The seminar saw a good turnout and was attended by representatives from both current and prospective clients. The participants found the content insightful and were also pleased to learn about the sustainability services that Deloitte offered.

For more information, please contact Rayson Ng.

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